11 May

  little darling

A painting showing the affection of mother.

A painting showing the affection of mother. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

you had grabbed the love of the entire world

when you were child.

poor lady

you are under restrictions and surveillance of the world

when you grew up.

 old women

you have been chained as a banded labour of your circles being a mother.

 widow lady

you become the door mat as well as watch dog of your children’s paradise.

  ill fated women

when you fell ill there is nobody to look after your welfare well.

All your beloved one’s fly away far away

driving you in to the oldage home under the guise of helplessness.

All your beloved one’s are eagrly waiting as cunning foxes

for the last minutes of your breath under the tight  lip’s sympathy .

All the blood relations have evoparted like of your tears

rolling from your blind eyes on your wrinkled cheeks .

All of your loved one’s left you as an orphan

in the fag end of your journey mercilessly wickedly .

Probably for leaving this world as bondless saint or as broken heart paint

for posting as a wall paper on the computers or laptops of your legal heirs for claiming your assessts .


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2 responses to “WOMEN

  1. lucygracesmom

    May 12, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    Thanks for adding my blog link to your post!


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