when you are bored of yourself – refresh in the morning musics

20 May

morning music march regularly in our lives

Morning glory flower, species Ipomoea nil

Morning glory flower, species Ipomoea nil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

bringing freshness in our lives

but it  is we accustomed for late nights and for late mornings

missing freshness in our lives

brook-lake breeze greet us by saying hello every morning

to oxygenate our lives

but it is we adopted the air-conditioned life forgetting

to refresh ourselves in the morning air 

early tender rays  of morning sun always

kindles our heart with wisdom

but it is we adjusting ourselves with zero lights confining ourselves

in solitary asylum leaving wisdom 

freshly blossomed flowers spreads it’s perfume

awakening our innovations

but it is we flooded ourselves in the company perfumes

denying nature’s boons

beautiful birds noise rings bells of instructions

our respective duties without fail

but it is we have adopted the postponements of all  things

with our sleepless nights 

colors of sky  floating clouds designs daily new arts

 on the canvas of the sky for our eye feast 

but it is we have fixed our eyes to the computers T.V. etc.,

getting early blindness to ourselves

every morning is a new morning 

every day is a new day

like a freshly blossomed flower

but it is we without seeing the flower beautiful blossoms

we are seeing only the plant with bored eyes inviting bored life in our lives

unless you learn and adopt to see the new angles of life  from the nature

everything appears as bored and finally you went to such an extent that you yourself felt that

you are bored of yourself

when you are bored  of yourself immediately change your activities and activate your sensory

 refreshing in the morning musics  


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