Fate – Feet

29 May

Fate is a wonderful thing

No Fate! Only the Power of Will

No Fate! Only the Power of Will (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


it is an untangible thing

By it’s unvisiable touch

it shows it’s existance

Fate when it blessed

it is a good luck

Fate when it cursed

it is a bad luck

some times it comes

like a cool breeze

some times it strikes

like a worst typhoon

springs like fate brings

colorful boons in to our lives

when it laughs at our face

we will loose everythings

fate drafts a graphic skecth of

our lives ups and downs

fate determines

our lives status in the society

What it is this fate ?

Is it our bank balance.

Is it an imortal status of our life.

Is it our empolyment.

Is it our sustaining of our relationships.

Is it our status in the society where we lived in.

Is it a cock tail of above said all things.

Whether it comes

from the astro space like sun rays?

Or is it in born stuff

co-existance with our efforts?

With out efforts of us – no fate graland us

unless we breathe the breeze – no life sustains in us

whether it is a fresh air or flith air

depends upon our air pollution controls

whether it is a good luck or bad luck

depends upon our moods in carrying out the determined job.

Hence it lies in our hand and not in the hands of some where else

Management of our affairs is the primary thing.

If any thing is happened even after that precautions,

it is only an accident but not due to invisible fate.

Fate is not laughing nor it is weeping.

We are laughing when get successes as we desired.

We are weeping when recives negative results.

Don’t depend on your fate , stands only on your feet

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