29 May
Love Love (Take That song)

Love Love (Take That song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Love makes the partner perfect

Love is more powerful than god

even the ocean has got it’s boundaries

where as the love knowns no barriers

in the warm hugs of love

you know how to care a love

in the laps of the love

you learn how to be honest

the flash lights of the eyes

teach you what the life is

the hot breaths of the love

mend you how to bear responsiblities

the rose petal lips of the love

awakes  the dream lands of your subconcious world

in the company of honest and sincere love

you become a complete perfect humanbeing

with out a spouse there is no life

till then life is an incomplete potrait

till then it never grows as a family tree

providing shade and shalter to others.

Broken families are also an incomplete potraits.

Bridge the binds – Avoid the breakes

for being a perfect humanbeing

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