Honor killings

13 Sep

Capra at Crete
Capra at Crete (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as not considered as 

lineal descendant 

your birth is controlled

you are subjected to Infant killings

as always considered as

pride of the family

your opinions are always restricted

you are subjected to Honor killings

from birth to death

you are considered as a good domestic animal

by calling you as great  in a loud voice on one side

stabbing you brutally behind the back on the other side

women are always shadowed by “you too Brutus”  men.


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2 responses to “Honor killings

  1. Otrazhenie

    September 14, 2012 at 6:22 am

    Very good post. I always find it very painful to read about honor keelings. Can’t understand how people can be so cruel to their relatives, especially when parents are killing or hurting their children. No animal would ever do that to their children – it is totally against the nature.


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