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Last breath

All relationships are mirages of deserts

Calliope Hummingbird / Stellula calliope - fem...

With grownups, equations of life changes

After marriages, meaning of the family narrows

No parent bird allow adult one to groom with them

Every adult bird wants to go out in search of new bonds

At the end what remains with the old one is a simple brief of grief

So surrender before the Lord for avoiding that last brief in the life

Life is like that everything is a part of the game of life – enjoy it up to last breath

( dedicated to retired parents )


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when dark

English: Seattle Center as night falls. França...

bite the day

No cry comes out 

every thing merged in silver silence 

in the dumb witnesses of stars and moon

Let the sleep rests on every one eyes like a beautiful butterfly





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Body language

Read the lines of looks

"Jealousy and Flirtation" depicts a ...

Measure the miles of smiles

Always avoid the grim faces smoothly

Never met the eyes of ferocious falcons

Body language speaks volumes of emotions to know

Before opening one’s mouth, observe the body language of others

Safe speaking is good for one’s health, wealth and prosperity in life


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door steps

Pitiable soul

how can I save you

Disturbed  black bats 

occupied your thoughtful well

You embarrassed a restless life

Leave your problems’ foot soles

out of the doors of  divine shrine of Lord

wear the soul of the God to your wrecked soul

No problems touch your soul like a dew on leaf

always remains like foot wears at your door steps for ever


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soul unfurled

No, it is not a Milky Way

My heart paved a path for you

land like a flouting Silky feather on my way

No, it is not the tides of ocean

Flying fish shortly after take-off

those are tender waves of my dreams

Sail like a flying fish arching beautiful eye feast in oceanic love

When your gentle whispers bloomed jasmines over all my thoughts 

My soul unfurled like a moony canvas studded with your sparkling memory stars



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ruling with Fears and Phobias


English: Crepuscular rays in Saint Peter's Bas...

can not find

in the Golden crepuscular rays

showering from the windows of mighty caves

not able to feel

in the tranquilled lake of Great Himalaya

born as symbol of abode of peace and pleasure 

never experienced even an inch

in the midst of cool breezes of cloudless blue sky

outer ring of mighty colourfull astronomical holy Galaxy

when the soul is constantly ruling with Fears and Phobias 


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Truth & Judge


God the Father 16

God the Father 16 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

like a thunder Lightning

Churns out  among the clouds of false bats


God of justice

born on the Sharpe edge of the sword of justice

but not to sit like a wiseman on the crown chair of the court hall




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