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Mother Nature

Falling Leaf

Central part of a large floor mosaic, from a R...

floated in air 

a great feeling of lightness

Raining Water

drifted as whirlpool

awoke beautiful childhood days

Flying Egal

expanded wide it’s wings

ready to shoot  the challenges of life as an arrow of a bow

Learn something from Mother Nature as being her incredible child

( dedicated to environmental protectors and nature lovers )


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Raymond Man


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde po...

are Summer Winks 


are Colorful Gimmicks of Light

 Still one love to sleep in Horizons

Where the Sky never meet with the Earth

Where the Sun never sinks in the Ocean

Where the Moon never rises behind the Hills

 Soul always slept in dreams as it console the desires

Mind never rest in dreams as convincing the thoughts not easy

Balancing both makes the man a complete Gentle Man – like Raymond Man

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Revital of life


English: 1857 lithograph by Armand Gautier, sh...

drives  to Heart problems


puts  to Gastric troubles


leads  strait away to Mental disorders !!

One can fight 

with external enemies

How can he fight with internal foes

No force can sever the one from internal evil forces !!

For  nothing

Blame the God first

 Blame others next

Blame oneself as last 

Balance the equilibrium & awoke the inner senses finally !!

One can get good response by practice – called Revital of life !!

( dedicated to so many patients fell in depression due to aliments )


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All it takes only a Time

No one can console

larger animation

the mourning heart

though tears can be wiped

Some gaps like Black holes

never filled up due to apathy of life

When the life takes a twist is a prediction

How the life takes a shape is a practical out look

No natural or personal devastations stop the life from sprouting again

All it takes only a Time


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Great Union

Setting Sun

Dusk from window on board an Airbus A330.

beautifully laid a Golden path

inviting the Moon to occupy him

Raising Moon

spectacularly stepped down over her Silver path from heavens

In a Great Union, the question of individual existence does not arise

{Great Union couples only lead their lives peacefully and harmoniously like shadows of each other’s}


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pellets of fired bullets

the tears

This is the Naruto Whirlpools taken on 4-21-20...

pitiably rolling down

from the corners of eyelashes 

those are whirlpools of wounded heart

no one can tossed the same with his finger tips

as those are  pellets of fired bullets at the poor heart


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Hen under the Hamper

No one can wear spectacles

English: The Moon and planet Venus

to control the flooded dreams

No mad can see

the Moon with help of a torch

Lack of perceptiveness , leads the life like a Hen under the Hamper

[ copy rights reserved ]

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how can I bear

Much painful

English: Image of comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake),...

English: Image of comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake), taken on 1996 March 25, with a 225mm f/2.0 Schmidt Camera (focal length 450mm) on Kodak Panther 400 color slide film. Exposure 0:56 to 1:06 UT (10 minutes). The field shown is about 6.5°x4.8°. Note the prominent disconnection event in the comet’s ion tail. Stars in the image appear trailed, as the camera tracked the comet during the exposure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If a flower bit the heart like a spike

Great deceit

if a honey cup turned as vicious golden cask

More Agony

if a beautiful violin played only funeral ceremony tunes 

Despite of it 

all can be bearable 


how can I bear

if you deceit me leaving my faith to the commets

[ dedicated to mourning young widows who lost their husbands suddenly ]



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Life Book

Every Morning

English: Elements of Life Success Book

is a continuous morning

but not a new one, else he has to begin afresh

Every morning 

is like a new page in His Life Book

God has given an opportunity to write correctly this time

Fill each page memorabally hereafter as life never ends at one page


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flooded love

unveiled Beauty

The Empyrean (highest heaven), from the illust...

The Empyrean (highest heaven), from the illustrations to The Divine Comedy by Gustave Doré. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

loomed as Empyrean

Let me douse in your rainy love !!

arrows of Glances

set blazes of amorous lightnings 

Let me melt in your eyes’ black collyrium

like a fading night in the shower of silver dust !!

Let me whirled in your overwhelmed flooded love !!

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