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Simple equations

The virgin birth of Siddhārtha from the hip of...

Birth means

World moves including you

Death means

World moves excluding you

Simple equations – never console the souls 

You can not bring any thing at the time of birth

But you can leave some glimpese of you – is only Countable

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diverting the course

Differences in

Opinion is not a sin

Dnieper Forcing Boats

However the best

Forcing on others is a sin

as diverting the course of river leads to floods


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Leave dilemma

How little this step

English: Temple steps in Thailand

Still step by step………

man achieved all these Goals

When target lies naked before eyes

no distance makes any hindrances in path

Instead of standing with all idle & fearful dilemmas 

Move first step towards your target despite of it’s smallness

No Seed saddled with any kind of inhibitions for growing as Gigantic Tree

 It uses every source for growing wild in it’s sphere – why don’t you try to that extent ?

( dedicated to young aspirants )


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Don’t be whirl pooled


Brünnhilde slowly and silently leads her horse...

on the virtues of your desires

not in the colorful dreamy land

but in the actual worthy real world

Simply thinking & dreaming not virtuous

Seed the thought first on the soil from the Lab’s

Don’t be whirl pooled yourself in your dream’s pond

 ( dedicated to young aspirants )



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Lord krishna


Lord Krishna embedded photo by the uploader

always loves soft , tender, purified one

Why  Lord Krishna loves Butter so much ?


is an out come of churned Curd 


is a  wonderful curdling product of Milk

Milk itself  is a pure one

after curdling, waste water goes outside

after churning curd, pure, white , tender ,soft butter out comes like cream

God loves us to be like that

Being Humans

our birth is heightest one

when curdling with morals 

all waste qualities like ego etc., immeterialized

So we become a wonderful pure curd –  solid divine quality

after churning our solid divine qualities with problems

a Purified Soul like Butter appears in a creamy manner 

When we attain such a great stage, god never leaves us, he always lives with in us


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Yashoda Krishna

Lord Krishna

Huzur Mahadi Palace, , .

by stealing the Butter

said that he would love only Churned Souls

Bala Krishna

by concealing the costly clothes

advised us to leave the Ego covered our Bodies

by playing hide & seek game

he disclosed that it is not easy to conquer his Divine Love

Mother Yashoda was blessed one for having the God as her child

Lord Krishna himself loved to be called as Yashoda Krishna – Devotee’s God


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Craving one

"[The] Giant Suttung and the Dwarfs"...

never sees achievements

for an elephant eye, all things are dwarfs

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National Art Gallery, Government Museum, Chenn...

From  heavens

Mother brought blessings 

From Moon

She stole glorious charm

From Night

She borrowed black for curly hairs

From Stars

She get akshintalu for daily blessings 

From Nature

She adopted caress,love, cuddle and nestle

From being a Jog-fall

She turned herself as a Manasa Sarovara 

She did everything by sacrificing her life every second

How one can pay great tributes to her except caring her in blossoms 


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Bonded lover


The Confession of Love

golden hairs

arched like a jog fall 

stifling his poor heart


amorous looks

crocheted like a spidernet

fishing his soared soul

No freedom aspires

from the sweeten bonds of love  

for a Bonded lover ………………………………..



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shed like a snake

Don’t be in the past

The Vision of Zacharias

Only corpse slept in the past

Don’t masticate old rotten things

Only animals chewed it’s eaten food

Shed like a snake for having a clear vision of life




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