Work is Deity

14 Jul

I saw the deity

Wood carving detail of the Hindu temple of Gre...

at my thoughts & deeds 

Call him as Krishna or Christ or Allah or ….

My cult & my culture told  that the deity is like that

No one know the exact shape, taste, smell of the deity 

Deity is like that of an Oxygen or like that of Electricity or like that of  Vibration or …… 

You can call him as you like, you can see him as you dreamt , you can feel him as you felt

But for all of your miseries , of your happys , your thoughts & deeds are the only root causes

When miseries happened , every one throwing blames on the Deity escaping their liability of misdeeds 

Life is a portrait fixed in a frame of birth, death, young and old ages , any attempt to change is a meaningless

Instead of drawing and painting a beautiful pictures of our lives , how far it is justifiable to seek help of God

Our Gods never told us to stand as beggars before them leaving  our dignity, decency, freedom, for material

Awake yourself, explore yourself , expand your deeds and thoughts to achieve your ultimate goals of life 

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