Lord krishna

30 Jul


Lord Krishna embedded photo by the uploader

always loves soft , tender, purified one

Why  Lord Krishna loves Butter so much ?


is an out come of churned Curd 


is a  wonderful curdling product of Milk

Milk itself  is a pure one

after curdling, waste water goes outside

after churning curd, pure, white , tender ,soft butter out comes like cream

God loves us to be like that

Being Humans

our birth is heightest one

when curdling with morals 

all waste qualities like ego etc., immeterialized

So we become a wonderful pure curd –  solid divine quality

after churning our solid divine qualities with problems

a Purified Soul like Butter appears in a creamy manner 

When we attain such a great stage, god never leaves us, he always lives with in us


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8 responses to “Lord krishna

  1. uthamz

    July 30, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Brilliant concept !
    Beautiful words !



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