Karl Goldmark – Sakuntala Overture, Op. 13 (1865)

22 Aug

Amazing one


Sakuntala – Overture for Orchestra, Op. 13 (1865)

A concert overture by Hungarian composer Karl Goldmark (1830-1915), based on the story of Shakuntala from the Indian epic Mahabharata. In this episode of the tale, Shakuntala is the daughter of Vishwamitra and the apsara Menaka, but she is abandoned and reared by the wise sage Kanva, who lives in a secluded hermitage. She grows up to be a lovely, though naive young woman. One day, while Kanva is away on a pilgrimage with the sages of the hermitage, Dushyanta, king of Hastinapura, happens upon the hermitage while out hunting, and he falls in love with Shakuntala. He gives her a signet ring and asks her to come to see him at his court. When the irritable sage Durvasa returns with Kanva from the pilgrimage and discovers what had passed, he curses Shakuntala and casts a spell that…

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