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ask the moon

about the desolation

as stars laughed loudly

Don’t touch 

the Sun at any time

as it dipped in love sea at both sets

Leave the River

to it’s destination

as it never live with out embracing the Great Ocean

Don’t believe

the Deep Valleys & Hills

as rocky echoes only your pains without having any feelings

Yes …………

You ask the Radha

You can quiz the Gopika

They knew the real pain of desolation 

after Lord Sri Krishna left the Brundavanam 

The thrive for Divine is the real desolation – rest are all lusts only


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English: Sky Mirror, a sculpture by Anish Kapoor.

What remains

after rain passed

a clean & crystal Sky

what remains

after the mist disappeared

a beautiful & decorated Mirror

What remains

after tears over rolled

a light & feather light heart

Always keep the heart like Sky mirror




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Avoid pre-occupied thoughts

Representation of consciousness from the seven...

When one

stepped in Dilemma

Thoughts rushed towards Armour

Righteous way keeps the mind in cool swings

Judge the situation with conscious mind with out any prejudice

Avoid pre-occupied thoughts for having a crystal clear view over the problem

( dedicated to young generations who fell in dilemma for every thing)


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Great silence

English: In location...moon... Polski: w Plene...

Why do

you hide

silently behind the clouds 

and as to why

on next thought

you bloomed queenly  

winkled out the fragrance of aura archly

behind the silky knitted veils of silver dust

your eternal love always quiz the minds of lovers

Great silence always shares silver screens of life serenely 


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Rest all

The babe in the womb; Leonardo da Vinci (1511)

All Fall

from Time 

where we go

why we come

how we disappear

not known to any body

Time decides our fate & destiny 

Rest all is in our hands to mould this journey happy

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right to reject all candidates

മലയാളം: Ink marking after Vote (India)

None of the above

in the ballot paper

May be a right to reject all candidates

but makes no difference in the results

as it is not armed with any Tooth or Claws

Vested Political Boss was sheathed with thick skin 


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Quid pro quo

Ornament Voyageurs 3


veiled the Corporate outlooks

 for committing Economic Offence

as an internal part of the Manifesto 

Quid pro quo is the Great Mantra of Politician

It is a great Cancer 

Slowly consumes the Four Pillars of the Society

So Be ware of Political Parties……………………………..

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The Wayfarer

A little lamp

in a poor hut

far away from the top of hills

kindle the rays of hopes in Wayfarer

Despite the Wild forest was Moon lighted

A gulp of Water quench the thirst but not the Ocean

Let the God lit this little lamp in our darken huts of Souls

When we are caught in the Great Perils of Wood like Wayfarer


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Suicide Bomber

Oh…. God

Adam Neate. Suicide Bomber, 2007

Whisper New Mantra

to the dear hearts of this world

All Saints, Prophets, Sages left the world

No Guru, Religion, Caste  preached massacre 

Suicide Bombers waged wars against humanity

Blood sheds were history of Crusaders of old centuries

Why again these retaliations in this 21st  modern societies

Suicide Bomber  – an awkward Creation of Modern Crusaders 



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Believe & Behold

Atlanta - MLK Historic Site: Behold Monument

Our memories

travel only in past 

Where as our thoughts

could travel beyond the present 

Believe & Behold on fresh thoughts 




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