09 Sep

1. Matsya

 We Lost  the divine knowledge

We are all Sailing in periled ocean aimlessly

Hey Matsya Avatar bestowed us with divine knowledge 

English: Avatars of Vishnu lithograph by Raja ...

2. Kurma

We are Caught in great chaos

We are Not able to distinguish good from bad

Hey Kurma Avatar churned our disturbed thoughts

3. Varaaha

We have Lost the very entity of life

We are Overwhelmed in deep pathos of ocean

Hey Varaaha Avatar restore our entity from this mourn sea

4. Narasimha

We are Addicted to the Negative thoughts

We are all Crazily dipping in sadistic virulent blood bath

Hey Narasimha Avatar pierce our negative roots with your claws

5. Vamana

Felony prowess the Justice

We are all crowned with heinous, ingenious thoughts 

Hey Vamana Avatar stampede our villainy under your Lotus Foot

6. Parasurama

Cannibalism grew like mushrooms  all over the world

Our Culture, our moral values are all uprooted every year

Hey Parasurama chop the heads of cannibalism growing in us with your Parasu 

7. Sree Rama

Ravana descendants – ruling the societies

Rapists, Kidnappers, thieves – roaming the world

Hey Sri Rama shoot their unholy hearts with your sharp Arrow

8. Sri Krishna

Dirty politics ruined the countries

Bribers, Cheaters, Scam(er)s – walking as leaders

Hey Lord Sri Krishna remove their greedy souls with your Sudarsana Chakra

9. Venkatesa/Buddha

Religion, Racism, terrorism flared up to the sky

Streets are pooled with remnants of bodies & blood ponds 

Hey Lords kindle their souls with divine light driving out fascism from their minds

10. Kaliki

Hey God

all the world eagerly waiting for your great incarnation



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