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Hold the holy fire

English: agni


Let the fire in you

fired in a proper way

illuminating the divine knowledge 

Mount on the black sheep thoughts

Hold the holy fire firm in heart as Agnihotra

World kneel down before your Golden purified soul

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breathe off

Deutsch: Rose mit Rauhreif / Eiskristallen


My little Rose

today’s blossoms

may not be there tomorrow

Crave the lotus feet of Lord before breathe off

( Dedicated to the Volvo Bus 44 passengers – burnt alive as the tank was exploded )


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at coffin too

English: Taj Mahal - December 2008

Thirst for love

Everlasting one

Wine failed to lull the mind

Fragrance too failed to inspire the body

Before the burning soul , no cool breezes worked out

Showers of rain or the blissful moony nights blessed nothing

Except beautiful amorous looks ,crescent smiles & sweet aromas

Where could he find his love beyond the horizons of this endless Universe

Search of  Wayfarer in his deserted life for eternal love never ends at coffin too 




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Orphans by Thomas Kennington

 This world

itself is a big Orphan

why to worry to be an Orphan

No one is an Orphan when together



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Search of soul

English: Meditation



 Eyes gentle

Giggles of memories greet 

Let all thoughts may fly freely with out any guilty

Study each one with keen observation with judicious mind 

Just remove all negative feelings and walk towards positive ways

Search of soul – is a good practice to diffuse negative thoughts before blasting the mind




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Lord Garuda

Belur Garuda

Great Eagle

Let us have

your Bird View

to survey our inner faults

Let us have your Wings power

to stand stable in the middle of problems

Tharyaksh Arishta Nemihi = Lord Garuda protect us from all Evils

( inspired from  posted by our Senior blogger)


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Bhai- Bhai ( brotherhood)

The forward magazines of the U.S. Navy battles...


Unbreakable Bond

No terrorist explode with their Bombs

Hindu – Muslims

Unbreakable Raksha Bandhan

No Politician exploit with their political Tricks

Hindu – Muslims

Unbreakable cultural relation Bhai- Bhai

No Religion slice with their fanatic speeches 

No one create a terror in the minds of Indians by their cheap tack ticks


Kindle these hardened souls of Culprits with your Divine Knowledge & Love

as they are blasting of their own consciousness, humanity & of their own brothers

( condemning Patna Bomb blasts )


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Enough to stop

Martin Johnson Heade -Thunder Storm on Narraga...

Hey – Rain

Stop – Stop

Enough to stop


You slayed some precious lives

You washed away their life needs

You drove them on road as Paupers

You could not see their tears in your rain

You could not hear their crys in your thunder roars

You too joined the group of vicious circles like Politicians

You have to rain like a breeze of pearls but not like a storm of perils

( Monsoon rains left with perils but not pearls in the lives of A.P. farmers )


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Fred Ott's Sneeze (film by William K.L. Dickson)

 Hanging from

the clouded thoughts

where can you go my dear soul

Soaked head in the morning rain sneezes heavily

Viral sneeze remains for 7 days with or with out medication

Every thing is for our good – it makes the body & soul iron strong


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Life means

Slum children at the Food for Life School in V...

Let us

seed hopes 

in the minds of children to fly like birds

Let us

kindle divine spirits

in the hearts of children to glow the world like sun

Life means to love and to live in every moment of time



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