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blazing sun


Firing Balls

are my creepy eyes

Shedding of tears not known so far

Burning Volcano

is my mighty rocky heart

Cool and Calmness are too foreign 

When my pains are the capital gains 

When the very life itself is a War zone

This Raising sun never cares for any dusk

This Raised fist never loosen it’s grip until hits


You are a blazing sun – No one kept you in darkness


( Dedicated to the freedom fighters )



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I am your shadow

Can’t leave

Despite of your hatreds

Can’t feel

Despite of your bullies

Oh , My Dear

I am your shadow how can I go


( True love never leaves – dedicated to true loves)



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magic eyes


blue wings

brought you in touch

How silky you are

like a drifting velvet feather

Pounding heart melt like an ice 

When looks locked in your magic eyes







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shadows & shades



whispers something

No mirror

appeased my thoughts & deeds 

When the life itself is in shadows & shades -Serenity never reflects


( Dedicated to the lives of trafficking women)


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this night smiles



Lit this Night

as she went under veils


Bloomed this dark sky

as her silky smiles hide under her lips 

Cool breeze

Swiped this lovely night

as she bosomed her sighs in her heart

As she gone deep in sleep, this night smiles in reflexions





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Don’t know

where it begins

where it aborts 

this endless Journey

Hey God…..

show the right path for every life

Don’t know

what is Moksha

what is Transmigration

Hey God……..

bestowed upon a blissful life

Afterall every life is your creation – bless us with fine Destiny 




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bonds & relationships


I saw

the happiness

when bangle hands

soaping her husband’s back while bathing

I saw

the happiness

when a new mother

breast feeding her new born child behind the sari curtain

I saw

the happiness

in the eyes of parents when the child make them stand with heads high

Search for happiness in your bonds & relationships but not at bars and lofty rooms




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I don’t know

when born what I would be

I don’t know

where my soul mate was born

I don’t know

with whom my bonds strengthens 

I don’t know

how my future would smiles at my face

Still my life smiles at every mile as I am a Hoper 


( learn lessons from life – never leave hopes – dedicated to the young one )


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Why not you ?


you are not in dreams

Today you are in my eyes

Tomorrow you/I may be in memories

No uncertainty – Every thing is in clarity

That’s why Flowers smiles , Wings flutters & Rainbows arches – Why not you ?




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Virahotkanthita Nayika


Some times

your memories

Clench my heart heavily

Vacuums never Evacuates

Sighs never put off the blazing fires

I am a Virahotkanthita Nayika living in dreams







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