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Wish you a Happy Republic Day of India



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Queens of floral world


surged like

Silver icy curtains all over the soul

where shall I found you at the midst of fog 

Come like a morning Sun 

piercing the smoky fog with your golden rays

to unfurl the buddy rose -the Queen of floral world………..advocatemmmohan


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materialize the life

Page killers

search the page for nuisance 

Time Killers

search for the reasons of birth& death

Who knows the pros & cons of his search only materialize the life …….advocatemmmohan

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Sankranti Brindavan

behind the drums of

your rhythmic heart beats

let me play the Peacock flute

I am your Krishna , you are my Radha 

let us  have a beautiful Rangoli dance in this Sankranti  Brindavan

things are Joyful & Colorful in between Atma & Paramaatma -God & Devotee

Wish you all & your family members a Happy & Prosperous Sankranti & Pongal


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No wings still flys

No feet still walks

No fins still swims

Time never ends & stops……….advocatemmmohan.

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crunch shell Snail


the doors of soul

towards wide open world

why to sit & shrink in a corner

crunch shell snail too travels beyond the world………..advocatemmmohan


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Every WordPress & Google sites


fly only in Facebook

to fly high in the sky like Kites

LinkedIn with ground connections

then every Twitter tweets your success

Every WordPress & Google sites publish cover stories of you ……….advocatemmmohan

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blank face

dry thoughts

blank face feelings

no reverberates to spill light

rest in soundproof sleep to avoid query……….advocatemmmohan


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