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Beauty & Honest

Life is very beautiful & honest 

John Singer Sargent - Venetian Glass Workers

How sweet it is to live on hard labour/work

Great beauty lies while the rays of sun shines on the sweats

Every one in the world always doing something to their livelihood honestly

Really they are the Great soldiers of the society because of them still the earth survives



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Mask of manners

All relationships

Artful Moderate Ruse Exposed

are like vaporwares 

before vested interests

everything is a boiled vapor

Mask of manners only holds the relationships

beyond the mask, man is the king of Wild Kingdom of Universe


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Eternal Pictures

Eternal Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t dwell 

with your pride & prejudice

it crucifies your family totally

No enemies to nail your personal life

Family means only We/Us – No room for I/Me

Human relationship survives only on give & take policy

Love also has no exceptions for being Eternal for ever

( dedicated to couples )



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saves the beauty

the husband and wife in the family

I'm Sorry I'm Leaving

I’m Sorry I’m Leaving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




honey and fragrance hidden in the flower


careful protections  only


saves the beauty through out it’s life

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not constructed on any promises

on time test 

Promises CD1UK

Promises CD1UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

all the relationships

by efflux of  time

on one day or the other

resulted in to strains


the relationships

with the beloved pets

tightens more stronger day by day

as it is not constructed on any promises

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ROSAT (Röntgensatellit) image of X-ray fluores...

ROSAT (Röntgensatellit) image of X-ray fluorescence and occultation of the X-ray background by the Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when the golden rush


through the rays of the sun

when the silver dust


through the rays of the moon

no one can assess the value of beauty of the nature

no one can stay away with out thumbing on his heart


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love birds

all relationships in this world

when grown up

maintains a distance 

for one reason or the other

only one relationship in this world

when grown up

it also grows up and

it maintains no distance

for no reason or the other

god said clearly 

except one’s better half

no one share the life

till  loose the breath

the better half

is the mirror

is the shadow 

is the desire

is the fire 

is the peace

with out  the better half 

there is no breath in life

love birds always lost the breaths one after the other

in the absence of obligations handed over by other half

{ dedicated to Sri K. Venkoba Rao and Smt K. Anasuya  who loved and lived one for the other for 52 years and who passed away within one year gap – parents of my wife }

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cradle – curdle

when it is a child,

Emotional Relationship Symbols in a Genogram

Emotional Relationship Symbols in a Genogram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

no mother discradles it

when it is an adult ,

no mother dare to cradle it

a grown up relationship  always maintains distance

only curdle relationship remains for ever if not disturbed

all relationships ends  by the departure

but some remains in memories


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