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Wish you all a Happy Raksha Bandhan


English: In 450 B.C (2450 years ago) Alexander...

A scared thread

creates brotherly bond

Roxana sent a Scared Thread to Porus

asked him not to kill her husband Alexander the Great in a war

Giving value to Raksha Bandhan Porus ward off himself from delivering fatal blow

After all it is a thread  – but sentiments attached  were beyond the reach of rational world

Life is full of sentiments & intimates not easy to brush out as a robotic man or a rock man

Wish you all a Happy Raksha Bandhan  – let us create a new brotherly world free from all fears


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a great personality.

fight till death 

Fly away

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leave your own history


Alexander the Great

die for others

live for others 


Mother Theresa

but now

no such great expectations

just be a good child/ spouse/ parent

just be as a good care taker of your Home

enough to be considered as a great personality

 ( no mother teaching , no father preaching ,no elders in conversations – except earn and live yourself )

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