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What is life

Deutsch: UVW-Regel, recht- und linkshändig


when it is in cellulose bodies , it is a life

 In other than cellulose, it is an Electromagnetic field

Entire Universe rests only on this wonderful Phenomenon 


( an attempt to understand the life )

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dusky looks

When I sink like a sun

This is Luisa a Dusky Lory (Pseudeos fuscata).

This is Luisa a Dusky Lory (Pseudeos fuscata). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

beyond the horizons of life

Who lulls with sweet songs

Who breathes life in to my lungs 

Who injects a fresh blood in to my veins

It is you ………., you only ……………………………………….

my dear sole soul mate, life mate and class mate of my life 

Let me soak fully well in your divine silver dusky looks till the lost

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Lord Surya – Great Sun

From behind the ancient elephanty clouds

Clouds 2

Crepuscular rays emerged like arch of divine Bow wings

White strokes rocketed like an aimed arrows on the streets of blue sky

 Shadows of yester night took to it’s heals beyond the horizons of earth

Silver silky veils of fog steadily unveiled, welcoming the morning music in to the world

Spring carpeted pearl dews all over the Green meadows on your way with a blossomed heart

Oh, Lord SuryaGreat Sun drive all demons of miseries of human beings by your arrows of rays


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lull the dreams


Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

to sleep for a while

drive the desires

faraway for a second

awake the soul

observe the breaths

Lungs pumps

Heart beats

cool down the blood pressure

a beam of light

reflects under the closed eyes

shocks from the spine

travels from bottom to top

all vibrations ends in clam

Ocean’s depth deep peace prevails over all

No Guru gives this

every one can get it by Meditation


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Gravity forces

Blessings of God                                                           

Blessings of Parents

Blessings of Teachers

Hugs and Kisses of beloveds

Wishes of Friends and colleagues

Basic pursues of  Human lives

After all we are human beings attached to some affections

Love and affections are the Gravity forces of our beautiful relationships

Without Gravity Forces no Universe sustains –  With out love and affection no Human remains


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