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Balance the angry


The Parable of the Good Samaritan by Jan Wijna...

only feeling that

aware of it’s arrival 

Loose tempers invite the same – often

Great warriors use it as a great weapon – rarely

Angry must be for weapon like but not for exhaust the fire

Balance the angry always for being a Good Samaritan for himself



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Nature & love

two different feelings

English: Comet 17P/Holmes and Geminid meteor f...

at one time not new to the life

both Dawn and Dusk are the best example

Sunny rain day is the beautiful example

one can see the colorful rain bow  in between finally

every mixture  of feelings results in to eye feast  to the life at last

Red eyes angery on one side, Honey soaked sweet smiles on other side

Displays the heart of  love , how deep she fell in love with you up to her throat

Feared one never enjoyed the life as all the beautiful things(Nature & love) born to behave like this 


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why grief ?

why grief ?

Pietà (The Lamentation of Christ)

Pietà (The Lamentation of Christ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the grief

is a big pond of tears

the base of it – is  love

ridges of it – are the attachments 

on broken of any attachment – results in  grief

over whelmed attachments also results in to over flow of ridges

former is called sorrowful tears

later is called joyful  tears.

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