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Atman & Paramatman

Closeup of Vishnu, seated in the lotus positio...


defines what you are

Divine Soul

directs how to be, you are

one is Atman and another is Paramatman

As we are not for basic needs only as animals

Beyond that basic needs our life traveled through ages

Understand yourself first and then look for Divine soul , the Ultimate Goal


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Free World

English: Flying bird at sunrise.

Every one cheating

Every one down looking

Every one ear biting behind the backs

Why all these hallucinations travelling in human brains – Due to

 Lack of transparency in competition ,fight for existence & fears of future

We can not find this melancholy in other creatures as they live in free world

After all life is a beautiful dream given to live and let others to live happily in free world

Let us walk in to that free world where transparency ,humanity, love & affection breaths the air


( dedicated to the depressed persons always living in negative thoughts for one thing or the other)


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Depart Lazy

When both are lovers

English: the lazy barnstar. created to award m...

 all dreams bloom richly

as desires ride on back of glamour

When both are couple

 only de-glamour rules the room

as every Life is very lazy one in private

Lazy does not mean lack of Love

but all misunderstandings leads to Departs

Depart the Lazy to make an Energetic Life & Love 


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Defanged Cobra

No peace

Snake in a basket

Snake in a basket (Photo credit: varun)

can be gained by compromise

 No peace

can be purchased in the open market

as a matter of fact it is not a peace, it is nothing but an asylum 

Peace is like Fragrance of  a Flower

Peace is like wings of  a Bird

Peace is like  Coconut water springs from inner souls

irrespective of the Hardness and Roughness life of a  Coconut 

one has to get that peace himself/herself but not by living like a Defanged Cobra


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wild Horses

Don’t Groom

Wild Horses of the Outer Banks

Wild Horses of the Outer Banks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


the Thoughts  unideal


Like Wild Horses


They become untamed


All rides results in to great Panics


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Mad Fox

Some thoughts

Each in Our Own Thoughts

Each in Our Own Thoughts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 with reasons

Some of them 

with out reasons

Let them flow easily like a river

Don’t hunt the thoughts for the reasons

Don’t drive the life at the Junction point

Don’t keep the person like a Fly in Phlegm  

Just pick up useful one ,Don’t be as Mad Fox



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One feeling inject confidence


Nimbus  clouds 

Nimbus IV

Nimbus IV (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)

Covered like Wild African Elephants

Thunder Blots 

Roared ferociously like Wild  Red Lions

Lightening Fangs of the Cyclonic whirl winds 

Injected  fear of death  into the veins of  Victims

Bottoms of blue seas blushed the sheds of  blood water

Peaks of Pathos fan it’s fangs like spreaded peacock tail

Where to go the Langour ships from the middle of the Ocean


a Hope 

Kindle the souls

God may come for rescue

Really a comfort feeling 

for desired hearts 

makes every misery very light

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scars of the life

Taxidermy exhibit portraying a Siberian tiger ...

Taxidermy exhibit portraying a Siberian tiger chasing a deer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


like chameleon

some times appears 

like very cute and innocent kitten

some times appears

like very cruel and wild Siberian tiger 

Nature jaws left with scars on the lives

no one was scared  with out any scar

scars of the life – awards of the Nature


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Question is you

Phlegm comics 1

Phlegm comics 1 (Photo credit: Joey’s Dream Garden)

Answer is you

i am the only finder

path finders fly away high 

others are flies in  phlegm

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in the name of

brutality of the uniforms

under the name of terrorism 

Four stages of cruelty - Cruelty in perfection...

Four stages of cruelty – Cruelty in perfection, third of series of engravings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

cruelty of the jungleforms

in the name of the liberation

vicious bites of the godlyforms

in the name of the god

all are not meant for the welfare of the people

all are  the hacked strokes on the  head of the society

in the name of the pious duty always avoid doing sins on the citizens


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