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existence of God


don’t know

whether you heard or not

always offers prayers for you 

don’t know

whether you save or not

always serve you as if you are the father

don’t know

whether you are or not

But know that it gives great strength to mind & body

you are not visible like Electronic Signals except tuned to you

Failure to receive positive signals from the God is not his fault

As such it is not justifiable to any one to deny the existence of God 

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What is God ?

English: Depiction of a soul being carried to ...

Radicals said 

Everything is Trash

but failed to investigate the Truth

Emotionals said follow blindly with out rationalism 

All religions have got No common God, Heaven and Hell

Some said God is only psychological support for weak minds

What is God ?

What is Soul ?

What is the relationship between God & Soul ?

What our Sages visioned ?


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underscore game


Monument to Victims of Fascism, Rivne, Ukraine

We admit

No scores will be settled at Fascism 

Our Leaders accept

No war brings any kind of Peace & Prosperity

Our Religious Heads too confess

No God assent for the massacres of innocents

Every one knows every thing………………………………

Still ….taking the advantage of Dumbness /Calmness

In the name of (Nation) People& In the name of (Religion)God

Every one is playing underscore game for their existence at the cost of innocents

                                                                                                                                    – advocatemmmohan


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God means


Humanity Dethroned

Humanity Dethroned (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a warm feeling

a fearful  fear

a wonderful faith

a destroyer of all sins

a miracled protector of all unsinners

the humble feeling of the existence of the god  

saves the existence of the humanity  in world

God means

above Humanity

above the love of the mother

above the guard of the father

above the hug of the lover /  love

by all means God is God

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