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Wo+Men = Women


Shalva Kikodze. Adjarian women in chadors. Oil...

Shalva Kikodze. Adjarian women in chadors. Oil on canvas, 55X46, 1921 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like Water

Best Shock absorber


like Ocean

Very deep in Souls


like a Brook

afresh in tranquility 

Wo+men = Women

Women always a mystery 

Not easy to Define as she appears


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leave ego

things are universe

Thoughts Become Things II

Thoughts Become Things II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

thoughts are different

differentiate a unique person  from another

talent plays prominent role in lives

talent survives on public applause

so all thoughts are for universe

how ever unique one may be

one must leave ego 

being a survivor on public /universe

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