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God the Father 01

fall in love

except reminiscing

in your thoughts of my God

I have no mind for other things of any

my soul soaring high in the sky keeping a bird view on your path

I can hold the perch as a wrinkled leaf holding breath at my wet eyes 

Let me have a glance of your divine face as viewed by sages ,prophets, saints 


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Love – mirage

Love  – a beautiful mirage

A left side view of a Mirage III D (top) and M...

Appears to be at Breathtaking Pace

But always keeps good it’s Golden Space



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beyond the cosmos




Don’t get

faint for miseries

All who backed you,

who joined  you in your journey

disappeared in deep darks of black holes

in search of finding out the purpose of Birth



Don’t leave

faith on you at any time

rocketed yourself piercing the black darks

to find  the borders of life beyond the cosmos

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A great Jealous

Prehistoric Man Hunting Bears

Prehistoric Man Hunting Bears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jolted my thoughts

When I saw – soaring birds high in sky

A deep  pain

 sweetly pinched my heart

When I peeped – swimming Whales  deep in blues

All my dreamy desires fulfilled , Still my heart  is struggling for something………..

This Struggle alone made me to travel from all the prehistoric time line to till this time 

Which is my breathe, which is my strength, which is my desire, I never left this STRUGGLE till  last breathe

( dedicated to pessimists – suffering with meaningless inhibitions )


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come on ….

The Russian Bride's Attire


hit on my chest

with your lotus feet

Moony smiles echoed with anklet musics

Only one Moon not in the sky but in my hands , I saw

My little cute how beautiful you were like a Rain bow Butterfly

Flying from hands to hands with out landing except in your mother’s lap

Child hood memories still not faded from our memories , my little cute is going to leave us as  Bride

( dedicated to parents  )


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You are not your shadow

Shadow Man

but the shadow may be yours

 any how don’t be  in a shadow

a symbol of  deep Pathos of life


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Self Pity

Let the Tears of one Eye

The "Saitaphernes tiara" image from ...

The “Saitaphernes tiara” image from the “La Nature” journal 1896. The tiara is considered af fake antiquity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not know to the another Eye

Share always Happiness

but not the sorrows of life

Adopt always the lessons of Nature

Except humans , no one share it’s grief to any one

Except in humans, Pity / Self pity has no place in others

Nature always fight for birth right of life , never take any abrupt retirements like humans

( dedicated to the depressed / suicide young people )


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Gaint Wheel

My thoughts

Central London - London Eye with river Thames

Central London – London Eye with river Thames (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

are flying birds

My deeds 

are running rabbits

as such I hold nothing in my hands

Dreamy life

fetches only restless nights & timeless jobs

I am a Gaint Wheel always encircles within me



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Pleased Moon


Moon, Jupiter, Ganymede, and Jet

Moon, Jupiter, Ganymede, and Jet (Photo credit: Stephen Little)

the dark

under your eye line

devised like a Night

when you closed your eyes

I am afraid of  the Night

Please Don’t shut your eyes


the light

in the corners of your smile 

blossomed like a Moon 

I love your smile 

all my fears passed away

Please always keep on smile


Disturbed, Angry devises

not suitable for your lovely face 

Oh, my  Love

You always cherish like a beautiful Rose

Pleased Moon always amuses my closed heart

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Fresh minds

Never look back

Man of Many Minds

Man of Many Minds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for traces of walk

except for lessons of life

New begin

brings New thoughts

Celebrate the life with New year morning

Fresh minds are the abodes of the God




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