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at coffin too

English: Taj Mahal - December 2008

Thirst for love

Everlasting one

Wine failed to lull the mind

Fragrance too failed to inspire the body

Before the burning soul , no cool breezes worked out

Showers of rain or the blissful moony nights blessed nothing

Except beautiful amorous looks ,crescent smiles & sweet aromas

Where could he find his love beyond the horizons of this endless Universe

Search of  Wayfarer in his deserted life for eternal love never ends at coffin too 




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The Wayfarer

A little lamp

in a poor hut

far away from the top of hills

kindle the rays of hopes in Wayfarer

Despite the Wild forest was Moon lighted

A gulp of Water quench the thirst but not the Ocean

Let the God lit this little lamp in our darken huts of Souls

When we are caught in the Great Perils of Wood like Wayfarer


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Green Tea


Japanese green tea in a modern senchawan bowl.

greets with jiggling rain 

Sunny rain displayed a beautiful rainbow

While turning  page after a page of Daily paper

Time slipped smoothly like silky hairs of my love from finger gaps

Lips not noticed emptied cup of green tea drew no single drop to it’s lust

How beautifully the Morning said  “Very Very Very Good Morning


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divine quality


English: God Saman

a strong divine feeling

coming from the ages of Sages

as they viewed and defined as God

believe it or not

but it

never allows any one to do wrong

It is like a navel line of gravity of the body

it balances the personality and body from falling down 

A divine quality let it be cherished in the thoughts and deeds – no harm 

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Golden Dreams

sail away


Resolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


sail away

Whistling breeze

whispered wishes of darling  

Love birds 

soared high

under the moon light sky  

Silver dust 

spilled the warm sighs

from the ripped thoughts

sail away


sail away

fishing blissful golden dreams





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Beauty of Soul


the beauty lies

I asked the God

He placed before me a fresh Rose

Louis Janmot, Poème de l'âme (1) : Génération ...

I found  wrinkled petals over all  it’s body

He showed a panorama of sun set in ocean

I noticed flared up flames whirling over all the sky

then he directed the full moon to raise from blue seas

In the Moon also I found so many ugly black spots on his face

Vexed God asked me to show the beauty

Then I showed my fully bloomed soul soaked in divine love

Before the beauty of Soul, God too himself surrendered like a child


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Love is

Love In a Mist

Love In a Mist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not a spell of spark like lightning

Love is

an eternal lamp has to kindle till last breathe 


at first sight may vanish at any time


for last end is a wonderful great feeling 


is a brook line but not a flood to wash away


is a feather like warm silky touch of comfort, lull & assurance


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Beauty & Honest

Life is very beautiful & honest 

John Singer Sargent - Venetian Glass Workers

How sweet it is to live on hard labour/work

Great beauty lies while the rays of sun shines on the sweats

Every one in the world always doing something to their livelihood honestly

Really they are the Great soldiers of the society because of them still the earth survives



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when I stood

Ship in the Stormy Sea

as a great warrior before the sea

the tides of ocean laughed at me

by sidling the sand under my feet

ignorance makes me feel proud for false subdued of ocean

poor souls always feel great ignoring the power of Nature/God


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Have a Nice beautiful Friday

Brook line baths

A lady making a beautiful flower garland.

Sun rays blessings

Morning divine songs

Friday honey flower unfurled for dine

Enjoy the same till the lost sip of dew

Have a Nice beautiful Friday with great Good mornings


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