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Hindus believe the self or soul (atman) repeat...

When soul

travels through the prism of life

All relationships add colours to the soul

Bypassing of a prism is not a Death – but be as Sun Ray/Atman


( Dedicated to my cousin Kreethiseshulu Dr. S.V.S.Uma Maheswara Sarma – Today passed away – may his soul rest in great peace)


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Enjoy the blissful life

Look at

Closeup (macro) photograph of a koru (fern) un...

the unfurling fern

Mood swings to delightness

See at

the spreading wings 

Heart brings smiles on lips

your kid

Proudly lift his collars up

on his great success in his goals

Soul soars high in the blissful sky

Happy always lies in small & close knitted bonds

Let us live simply after all we are ordinary human beings

Enjoy the blissful life instead of searching beyond the life


(You published 900 posts on this blog – dedicated to the word press,                   my co-bloggers – you & your families and to my friends & their families )


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English: Arjuna statue at an intersection just...

All falls

in Padmavyuham

an illusionary zone in life

where all thoughts lull the ego as correct

Once caught in whirled pool  – No one comes out

Who knows the exit of  Padmavyuham like Arjuna only lead the life

( learn the lessons of life from Mahabharata )


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 Wet eyes

The contrast reflected copy

reflected in lotus ponds

Termbled lips

merged in shivering chills

 Quest voice

cracked in echos of valleys

 Crumbled body

crawled in the cradles of baby

Still my prayers not yet ripen to fruits – Moksha

Oh … Lord

Let this soul – Atman merge in your great Divine Soul – Paramatman





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art of temptation of others

the very word “Pandava” sounds  “Peace”

Nederlands: Schaduwfiguur. Wajangpop voorstell...

Nederlands: Schaduwfiguur. Wajangpop voorstellende Patih Sengkuni Unknown language: Wayang purwa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the very word ” Kowrava” sounds “Cruelty”

actually this game of Kurukshetra was palyed by Shakuni

defended by Lord Sri Krishna

art of temptation of others

one must learn from this great Shakuni 

  • praising others loudly
  • poisoning the minds of others wickedly
  • provoking the others for taking revenge unreasonably 
  • always standing as shadow for getting an opportunity to corrupt minds and purses 

one can see such worst vicious people till the day also.    

Kurukshetra  focuses lights and give guidance to the society.                              


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mount on the desires

The Horses of the Chariot

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to ...

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna in Kurukshetra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

are the desires of us

Lord Sri Krishna  as it’s driver 

is the representative soul of us

Arjuna in his armed dress

is the representative of us

Dharma Kshetra – Kurukshetra 

is the day to day worldly life of us

this symbol  of

Arujana – Krishna – Chariot  

preaches that 

one must mount  and ride on the desires with all grips

so as to get success in the life


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nobody is above the time

The lord Rama portrayed as exile in the forest...

The lord Rama portrayed as exile in the forest, accompanied by his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when i asked the little breeze 

it passes away in a sorry manner  

when i asked the standing banyan tree

it sheds the yellow leaves on me

the yellow peanut parrots

 flew away with tears on my presence

the crawling brook ran away in to the valley on seeing me

the hill tops also shrunk up to their shoulders

all the creatures of the woods ducked away with sarrow from appearing 

the sky high trees also bend their heads for my queries

i directly asked the sky with thunder echoed voice where is my Queen Sita

except shedding tears of rain on my face, no voice came out in reply

Lord Rama is my name but  i too was  subjected to the pathos of life

face them with courage

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