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Papilio andamanus (Papilio prexaspes andamanicus)

Wrecked wings

Broken signature of a dreamy life

finally scaled the wall in a photo frame

One day or the other every one has to scale

but in the mean while try to live blissfully like a Papilio



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Cloud Study, Thunder Clouds over the Palace To...

thunder clouds 

marched like a herd of wild elephants 

seizing the sun only one source of hope


Dark spread it’s black iron veil over the world

gripping the life boat in the middle of sea miserably 

Remember me

all your perils disappears with in seconds like a clear sky

all your hopes shines like rays of a new born sun aftermath

I am the great warrior always sleeping in your thoughts – your ‘WILL POWER’



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Last breath

All relationships are mirages of deserts

Calliope Hummingbird / Stellula calliope - fem...

With grownups, equations of life changes

After marriages, meaning of the family narrows

No parent bird allow adult one to groom with them

Every adult bird wants to go out in search of new bonds

At the end what remains with the old one is a simple brief of grief

So surrender before the Lord for avoiding that last brief in the life

Life is like that everything is a part of the game of life – enjoy it up to last breath

( dedicated to retired parents )


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One feeling inject confidence


Nimbus  clouds 

Nimbus IV

Nimbus IV (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)

Covered like Wild African Elephants

Thunder Blots 

Roared ferociously like Wild  Red Lions

Lightening Fangs of the Cyclonic whirl winds 

Injected  fear of death  into the veins of  Victims

Bottoms of blue seas blushed the sheds of  blood water

Peaks of Pathos fan it’s fangs like spreaded peacock tail

Where to go the Langour ships from the middle of the Ocean


a Hope 

Kindle the souls

God may come for rescue

Really a comfort feeling 

for desired hearts 

makes every misery very light

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negative pooler


Desert (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_on_10th_OCT)

bare feet soaked in red sand

sun burn scares turned blue

sweat never quenched the thrust of lips

trimmed wings not allowed the bird to fly

negative pooler never swimmed out of  it’s mood

desert never ends – desires never flourish for ever 

misusers of life always dwell in deep sandy deserts

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on seeing the dusky nights

occupying the sun

in the far western horizontal lines

behind the forts of rocky hills and trees

all the birds and animals afraid of the red sheds

run away  in groups wise for hiding in their respective nests

 gripping their hearts firmly – ducked away calmly in their rests

on reappearing of  the dawn sun

from the oceans of  the eastern far away horizons  

all rushed out happily with hues and cries of joy  from their hide outs

even though it is a daily scene of the nature  

it nurtures new things every day for our eyes

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 a little bird

Bird - Blue Jay

always plays well

always makes noise

always feeds kids

once the bird  left the nest

it is a dead silence

life is also like a cute bird

once fly away nothing remains

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what may be your greatness

English: "Flying Fish", oil on canvas.

English: “Flying Fish”, oil on canvas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

you must live within the limits

can the great flying fish ply on the ground

welcome birth

simple life

leaving great 

are always desirable 

else ,

some what  miserable 

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wild cats

English: Wild cats

English: Wild cats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

taking advantage at the time of crux

vomiting sadism on one way or the other

reflects the hidden character of Hyenas 


establishing supremacy within the grabbed time

overpowering the others either by hook or crook

exhibits the tendency of wild cats  


basically human being is also an animal 

under certain times he too shows his canines 

he too an out come of evolution is not far from truth


human is always shadowed by inhuman 

laying calmly  waiting for opportunity 

don’t touch the shadow line of human being

unless you are equipped with ring master hunter

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nobody is above the time

The lord Rama portrayed as exile in the forest...

The lord Rama portrayed as exile in the forest, accompanied by his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when i asked the little breeze 

it passes away in a sorry manner  

when i asked the standing banyan tree

it sheds the yellow leaves on me

the yellow peanut parrots

 flew away with tears on my presence

the crawling brook ran away in to the valley on seeing me

the hill tops also shrunk up to their shoulders

all the creatures of the woods ducked away with sarrow from appearing 

the sky high trees also bend their heads for my queries

i directly asked the sky with thunder echoed voice where is my Queen Sita

except shedding tears of rain on my face, no voice came out in reply

Lord Rama is my name but  i too was  subjected to the pathos of life

face them with courage

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