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distant shores

Mourning bird

Left away

beyond the horizons of life

with out passing any message

leaving her alone on broken promises

rolling tears never put off the flames of her soul

he left her alone to the pyre of burning pains of life

How cruel the death is – took him to far far away distant shores


( dedicated to the victims of life turns )


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Peace pigeon



Not tightly sitting at one corner

Nor freezing our movements for some times

Allow all the bats move freely before your eyes

Ask each bat as to why it is disturbing you every time

Pardon every bat & finally Pardon yourself for any faults you did

Peace pigeon lands in your yard with great comfort without inhibitions



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Love – Career

Who taught the birds

Sea Eagle's Nest (1907 painting by Bruno Lilje...

to share love & duties

to build  beautiful nest & trust

to behave like parents to their chicks

Never leave it’s love & nest till last breath

If Life cherish blissfully at home  –  it blooms career also

Simple secret of the life – a man is always forgetting in balancing his life


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Free World

English: Flying bird at sunrise.

Every one cheating

Every one down looking

Every one ear biting behind the backs

Why all these hallucinations travelling in human brains – Due to

 Lack of transparency in competition ,fight for existence & fears of future

We can not find this melancholy in other creatures as they live in free world

After all life is a beautiful dream given to live and let others to live happily in free world

Let us walk in to that free world where transparency ,humanity, love & affection breaths the air


( dedicated to the depressed persons always living in negative thoughts for one thing or the other)


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Salvation to life


English: A rare moment of feeding the baby bir...

Bridge the gaps in life


add meaning to the life

Every one

falls in Bonds of one kind or the other

as the Bonds bring Salvation to  the Life



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Why still you are ….

Bird flied

English: Birds of Amsterdam.

breathing life in it’s tinny charming heart

outstretching it’s little bright wings dignifiedly in the air

as if the confidence is it’s own domicile…. fly high in the sky

Why still you are …….like……..this……………………………………………..

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Bird Watcher



not visited to day

eye line search, ends in vain

Woody Lion God

ordered to pay visit urgently

Delayed reception provides a way, results in happy

Wedding anniversary day

gave an opportunity to do free service, secures blessings

Day to day life is like that

one thing provides pain, another thing gets joy and other secures blessings too

In every incident, if your soul is able to stand like a Bird Watcher , it is nothing but a Stitha Prajna Yoga .


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Last breath

All relationships are mirages of deserts

Calliope Hummingbird / Stellula calliope - fem...

With grownups, equations of life changes

After marriages, meaning of the family narrows

No parent bird allow adult one to groom with them

Every adult bird wants to go out in search of new bonds

At the end what remains with the old one is a simple brief of grief

So surrender before the Lord for avoiding that last brief in the life

Life is like that everything is a part of the game of life – enjoy it up to last breath

( dedicated to retired parents )


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Sundries of Desert

How can I express myself

Group of sparrows.

All my feelings hidden like pearls in Oyster 

Signs of my eyes not reaching  to your heart

Clipped lips not opened to share any single word with you

How can I express myself

All my thoughts flew away like sparrows in Nest

on seeing you very close from the edges of my sweat heart

except remaining  with stale looks , i can not stop you from walking away from my life 

Finally I missed you for ever with dumb talks, dead eyes and timely inaction, to Sundries of Desert

 ( calmness also kills the relationships – dedicated to deserted couples )



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frozen fossil

How sweet

Ciudad de Malaga al atardecer con los Montes d...

Ciudad de Malaga al atardecer con los Montes de Africa (Photo credit: carloscASTROweb)

the Feelings 

Some times

cool breezes of Arctic 

Some times

hot waves of Africa

tune the moods 

both would overwhelm at  the same time like  Sunny rain

no one need to go from one end to another end of the world

Hot and Cold are the essences of  a life otherwise it is a frozen fossil 

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