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Don’t ride

Touching heaven

Touching heaven (Photo credit: wolfpix)

on the back of Tiger

Joy may leads to mouth of death

Hurling Comments

on extreem issues

may amounts – writing of his own suicidal note

Celebrities must know – what should not be spoken in public  

[ dedicated to celebrities who fell as prey for their comments ]

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New Diary

tender touches

The Diary (album)

The Diary (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of cool Breeze 

turned  the leaves of  

New Diary smoothly

Brisky White Papers

sparkling like Currency Notes

Hoper always

looks at the sky for the good scribers

Without waiting

for the Fate to scribe something on it

Scribe yourself as you Wish and as you Will as it is yours

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Mad Fox

Some thoughts

Each in Our Own Thoughts

Each in Our Own Thoughts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 with reasons

Some of them 

with out reasons

Let them flow easily like a river

Don’t hunt the thoughts for the reasons

Don’t drive the life at the Junction point

Don’t keep the person like a Fly in Phlegm  

Just pick up useful one ,Don’t be as Mad Fox



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reality lives

living  in thoughts

Days of our Lives

Days of our Lives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

rooming in dreams

blinds the eyes forever

facts are not so naked so as to get afraid of

reality lives always greater than the reeled lives

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except death

neither humming birds

Print of the Eriocnemis godini from A Monograp...

Print of the Eriocnemis godini from A Monograph of the Trochilidae, or family of humming-birds, 6 volumes, large folio (1849-87)d by J. Gould. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


nor any forces in the world


separates  the fragrance from a flower


you are my fragrance dear


who separates you from me


except death

( dedicated to the beautiful couples)


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God – man

you are like blue waters

Strange Times (The Chameleons album)

Strange Times (The Chameleons album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

we are like  chameleons 

you too change the colors from hand to hand

we too change the colors from place to place

your change of colors 

to show that you are their dear and near on pray

our change of colors

to show that others are our dear and near as prey

that’s why you are the God

we are the chameleons 


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leave ego

things are universe

Thoughts Become Things II

Thoughts Become Things II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

thoughts are different

differentiate a unique person  from another

talent plays prominent role in lives

talent survives on public applause

so all thoughts are for universe

how ever unique one may be

one must leave ego 

being a survivor on public /universe

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love bits

love never lies 

Life, Love and Leaving

Life, Love and Leaving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

love never dies

but it is we who play games

according to our needs

love is not a chameleon 

love is not  a chance 

but it is we who always changing our colors

for getting a chance for our lusts

love is not the life

life itself is not for love

but it is we who blind folded the youth 

driving them to edge of the death on failures

love is always rest on reciprocal bonded nest 

understandings are it’s pillars

faith is it’s door

dreams are it’s windows

confidence is it’s energy

sky is it’s limit

if properly nested and maintained it is a heaven or else it is a hell



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