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No sin hunt

"Ohe! Ohe! / Horrible dragon, / Swallow m...

Allow all feelings

run over like a river

for having a blissful life

Swallow only few of selective ones to fill thirst

No sin hunt the life no more for misshapes in life

After all the life is a bunch of feelings in acknowledgment of existence


( dedicated to guilty feeling persons unnecessarily in their life for misshapes in their lives )

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Love & Faith

Faith, Hope and Love.

God is like a Mine

Treasure of Gold, Diamond & Coal etc.,

Extract the same with divine love & faith 

Degree of interaction decides the fate of disciple 

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my Lord

Lord of Ayurveda,Dhanvantari

Trembling hands

see towards vast sky

Tired eyes

always look towards earth

In between the ego was in flames


left me back a bit behind 

Exhausted soul

always dragged me to the corners

What could I offer 

Except pure love & faith for Moksha – my Lord

( dedicated to my father Late M. Padmanabha charlu )


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A Leader

English: Satan baptizing a disciple, most like...

stands for his words

but this politician stands only on the shoulders of others


never created this Politician

Probably he may be created by Satan 

that’s why by his invisible fangs always bite the society mercilessly 

                                                                                                          – advocatemmmohan

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Silent prayers


Silent, Prayer

Silent, Prayer (Photo credit: 小猫王)


What can I do

Your thoughts

made me walk on the clouds

Your breeze

swept away all my prides & prejudice

Your sense

sailed the soul towards great tranquility

Your presence

found me absent in the words”I” & “Me” except You alone – in Silent prayers



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How can I say

Frans Floris - The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, ...

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

When this mankind

floating in  phylum like straws

was it not you who uplifted and kindle knowledge as a Mother

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

when this mankind

living like primates in forest

was it not you who taught culture and decency as a Master

How can I say

Who you are

when this mankind

oppressing themselves as cannibals

was it not you who incarnated for sake of humans as Divine Soul

How can I say

Who you are

Having experienced your blessings 

for the silly questions of every new born kids who have forgotten about you 

No need to prove yourself again and again every time for these unfaithful personalities

When they bite the bitterness of perils , one day or the other day, they surrender themselves before you



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Work is Deity

I saw the deity

Wood carving detail of the Hindu temple of Gre...

at my thoughts & deeds 

Call him as Krishna or Christ or Allah or ….

My cult & my culture told  that the deity is like that

No one know the exact shape, taste, smell of the deity 

Deity is like that of an Oxygen or like that of Electricity or like that of  Vibration or …… 

You can call him as you like, you can see him as you dreamt , you can feel him as you felt

But for all of your miseries , of your happys , your thoughts & deeds are the only root causes

When miseries happened , every one throwing blames on the Deity escaping their liability of misdeeds 

Life is a portrait fixed in a frame of birth, death, young and old ages , any attempt to change is a meaningless

Instead of drawing and painting a beautiful pictures of our lives , how far it is justifiable to seek help of God

Our Gods never told us to stand as beggars before them leaving  our dignity, decency, freedom, for material

Awake yourself, explore yourself , expand your deeds and thoughts to achieve your ultimate goals of life 

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Happy Day

Good Morning 


 bells brought spiritual blessings

Eastern Golden rays 

scintillated Divine knowledge

Earthen Rainbow stars

sprinkled virgin fragrance 

Saturday awaken the souls from all sobers

No more requires to start afresh a Happy Day

Have a Happy Day………………………………………………


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Ruthless God


Being a Birth less

not known the value of Birth

Having no Family

not known the meaning of Love

 being an Eternal one

don’t know the pain of Death

Giving birth means more than your earth quack shocks

going for death means more than your volcano’s explosions

to define love, there is nothing in your world except kinetic magnet  

Ruthless God ruling us mechanically  having no concerned at least like our Robots

( not blaming the god – it is one of the mode of expressing the anguish  )


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Good Friday


Français : estampe, christ sur croix

 of Lord Christ

Rolled Tears

Squeezed Hearts

Dumb mourners of Calvary

Love spilled last inch of blood for our sake 

Good Friday leaves a message of  Universal Love

“BE GOOD, DO GOOD towards all “




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