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One Day Peace

One by One

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Raise Your Voice

With one word – World is ours

Once for all

Raise Your Fists

No one deter us – No more

By All Means

Put All Efforts – Peace prevails all over

No wars touch our shores

No racism sprouts in our lands

No fanaticism raise in our heads

No corruption breaths in our nations/thoughts

No domestic violence springs in our societies

No crimes against humanism breaks out in our relations

One day Peace Dove fly freely and fearlessly all over the world  

( dedicated to )


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Avoid hazards

Brainless breeze & Rainy clouds

English: And it rained upon the Earth forty da...

both have no control over them

sway & swing indiscriminately aimless

creating great hazards in the dependents’ lives on the EARTH

Don’t be like that

Before swaying & swing according to the tunes of Moods 

Think at once about dependents……….Avoid hazards in their lives



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All prayers of Earth

English: Rain Clouds in Kerala, India.

English: Rain Clouds in Kerala, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

aired into sky as vapors

Which bloomed as clouds

at the feet of Lord of Universe

Who in turn soaked the Earth

in his blissful rain of blessings

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God – Made

Despite of wounds all over the body

Circus Sideshow

the flute mystically produces melodious music 

In spite of nailed down nerves to the fixed wooden

the  Magnificent violin miraculously creates beautiful tunes

When Man – Made things works meticulously in different situations

Why do not we stand with our heads high in any adverse climatic conditions – being God – Made

( dedicated to the victims of floods who went in to depressions and dilemmas )



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Unfilled depth

I am the sky

Portrait of a Young Married Couple

you are the soil

appears to be met at Horizons

all laurels, poets adored us as a great couple

Innocents ignored the rail track space between us

 as a mark in respect of individual spheres as prized by all

but it is an unfilled depth breathing between us being opposite poles

( human psychology )



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Self Pity

Let the Tears of one Eye

The "Saitaphernes tiara" image from ...

The “Saitaphernes tiara” image from the “La Nature” journal 1896. The tiara is considered af fake antiquity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not know to the another Eye

Share always Happiness

but not the sorrows of life

Adopt always the lessons of Nature

Except humans , no one share it’s grief to any one

Except in humans, Pity / Self pity has no place in others

Nature always fight for birth right of life , never take any abrupt retirements like humans

( dedicated to the depressed / suicide young people )


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English: Artist's conception of the spiral str...

English: Artist’s conception of the spiral structure of the Milky Way with two major stellar arms and a central bar. “Using infrared images from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists have discovered that the Milky Way’s elegant spiral structure is dominated by just two arms wrapping off the ends of a central bar of stars. Previously, our galaxy was thought to possess four major arms.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

after the Year

Time passes away coolly

the same Sun

the very same Moon

pays smart visits regularly

cyclones, tornadoes, tycoons

Tsunamis, Valcones, Earth quacks

always represents the Negative Forces

Monsoons, Rainbows, Jog Falls

Milky Way, Twinkling Stars,Temple Bells

always reinforces the Positive Forces

in between the mighty forces of the Nature

Births and Deaths, Smiles and Sorrows 

Pains and Peace, Love and Wars arises as sprouts of  Deeds

Being Puppets, one has to play his/her role timely before this great Dramatic Dias of the Universe

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Earth never felt unhappy

English: A stream in the midst of hills.

English: A stream in the midst of hills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for having Hills and Valleys

River  never reverse back

for flowing in the midst of highs and slums

Happy and Grief are the part  and parcel of a life

Repels never be considered as high tides of the ocean

Life is like that let it grow harmoniously along with Nature naturally

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Explore the soul

Deep sleepy 

English: Negative low tide at Ocean Beach in S...

English: Negative low tide at Ocean Beach in San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

slowly skipped 

thoughts after the thoughts

Clouded over the tranquilled  Lake

Child hood  tender innocent smiles

Adolescent beautiful unconfined laughs

Tides over the tides touching the shore of Ocean

How sweet the memories are like shades of Lights

a journey into the past refreshes the lives always like Oasis

Inspirations , spirits , boosts  and every thing lies in deep sleep in one’s own life

Explore the soul to get some hard grains of life to sow the future  beautifully for coming ages


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