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Confined thoughts

.English: Hesitation by Alfred Garth Jones



sinks my heart

to a stage of new moon



drives your soul

far away like a blinking star

Confined – thoughts never unfurl our love

Oh my lovewe must avoid negative forces under our wings – to fly freely




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The Wayfarer

A little lamp

in a poor hut

far away from the top of hills

kindle the rays of hopes in Wayfarer

Despite the Wild forest was Moon lighted

A gulp of Water quench the thirst but not the Ocean

Let the God lit this little lamp in our darken huts of Souls

When we are caught in the Great Perils of Wood like Wayfarer


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unruffled lake

Velours shy


shines only behind the scarf 

When the moon hides behind the clouds

Virtues of bud

unfurls only behind the veils of night

When all world fall asleep in their shells

Every beauty blooms only in unruffled lake


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Wings of Hope

Empty Lounge


laughed at me

mooring my thoughts

Tears blurred my visions

today also my Divine not stepped in

Broken promises arched the doors fadedly

Fiedel of fate  strings  the veins of  heart sorely……still…

Archaic Soul  explored  the stars dust on the Wings of Hope


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judge the deeds

Behind the chilling clouds 

Christian views on Hell

Wings of rays shirked for a while

in the mean while………………………

Fog veils an invisible twisted silver net !

Behind the clouds of fear, jealous and greedy

Judging mind sinks in to deep mourning well

with in few seconds……………………………………….

Fury veils strong iron curtain over the mind !!

To un veil the silver net of fog , one has to torch the fuels before his yard !!!

To un veil the iron curtain of fury , one has to torch his knowledge before judge the deeds !!!!




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Rain bow

It's in the rain

It’s in the rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


soul and shoes are not the one


but when both are in alignment 


one’s life is like a Rain bow arch

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love bits

love never lies 

Life, Love and Leaving

Life, Love and Leaving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

love never dies

but it is we who play games

according to our needs

love is not a chameleon 

love is not  a chance 

but it is we who always changing our colors

for getting a chance for our lusts

love is not the life

life itself is not for love

but it is we who blind folded the youth 

driving them to edge of the death on failures

love is always rest on reciprocal bonded nest 

understandings are it’s pillars

faith is it’s door

dreams are it’s windows

confidence is it’s energy

sky is it’s limit

if properly nested and maintained it is a heaven or else it is a hell



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