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Raja Satya Harischandra

Great Awkward states

Satya Harishchandra (Telugu film)

Never loose your bad temperaments

Never felt that your shoulders alone overburdened 

Be steady like Raja Satya Harischandra in great perils too


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against whom


He Heals the Lame

He Heals the Lame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

against whom

No one care for it

No God caught hold of your hand to lead the life

 Plam tree itself knit it’s trunk with it’s decayed hanging leaf

Wild life heals it’s great wounds by licking  the same regularly 

When they have got such a strong , beautiful desire of survival

Why  you alone take to your heels for the pathos of your life

Illusions, imaginations, inhibitions are alone not life

Learn the lessons from the every corners of the life  – Life is to live but not to leave


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No doubt

English: A Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa car...

English: A Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui). Français : Une Vanesse du chardon. Русский: Бабочка репейница. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

every one is unique

Still follow the world

later world follows you

No theory

No philosophy

cures the inhibitions of any one

Simply live like a beautiful butterfly

World’s hands are big enough to place you comfortable




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Fresh minds

Never look back

Man of Many Minds

Man of Many Minds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for traces of walk

except for lessons of life

New begin

brings New thoughts

Celebrate the life with New year morning

Fresh minds are the abodes of the God




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High resolution scan of engraving by Gustave D...

High resolution scan of engraving by Gustave Doré illustrating Canto XXIII of Divine Comedy, Inferno, by Dante Alighieri. Caption: The Hypocrites address Dante (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


search for water

but not for minerals 


only stands for their Goals

others are only Hypocrites



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Listen – my voice

Crying Freeman

Crying Freeman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am crying for you 

in my childhood when my mother left for heavens

i cried for you bitterly

having no response from you

i slept over deeply.

Listen – my voice

I am crying for you 

in my adolescence when i was subjected to race discrimination

i cried for you loudly

having no responses from you

i became dumb silent.

Listen – my voice

I am crying for you 

when my friends and elders are passing away for your abode leaving me behind them alone 

i cried for you deeply

no response from you as it is.

Listen – my voice

I am crying for you 

After seeing the all hues , cries , earth quakes, tsunamis, tornadoes wreckage in the peaceful lives of people , and after seeing HondurasSomalia etc., hunger deaths in my computer directly and after seeing the restless hands of the God

i decided not to cry for any thing as my cries are not bigger than the sufferings suffocation s of the others .

i told to my belongings NOT TO DISTURB THE GOD  for each and everything of your small things. Being a child of god solve yourself your problems.


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