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crepuscular rays

we laid

Brilliant Crepuscular Rays over Santa Clarita,...

mist dews to wet your feet

to wash out  our sins carrying on backs

we paved 

green carpets to soften your walk

to attain blissful lives like bloomed flowers

Our bodies as floral gardens

ready to give standing ovation on your arrival

All the windows of our souls

arched with tender twigs of love eagerly awaiting for you

Oh my Lord

scintillate our dark worlds by your crepuscular rays of knowledge


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ruling with Fears and Phobias


English: Crepuscular rays in Saint Peter's Bas...

can not find

in the Golden crepuscular rays

showering from the windows of mighty caves

not able to feel

in the tranquilled lake of Great Himalaya

born as symbol of abode of peace and pleasure 

never experienced even an inch

in the midst of cool breezes of cloudless blue sky

outer ring of mighty colourfull astronomical holy Galaxy

when the soul is constantly ruling with Fears and Phobias 


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Lord Surya – Great Sun

From behind the ancient elephanty clouds

Clouds 2

Crepuscular rays emerged like arch of divine Bow wings

White strokes rocketed like an aimed arrows on the streets of blue sky

 Shadows of yester night took to it’s heals beyond the horizons of earth

Silver silky veils of fog steadily unveiled, welcoming the morning music in to the world

Spring carpeted pearl dews all over the Green meadows on your way with a blossomed heart

Oh, Lord SuryaGreat Sun drive all demons of miseries of human beings by your arrows of rays


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Wish you all – a Happy Holi Day

Holi – add Colours to your life

Holi Festival of Colors, Utah 2010 - Chalk Exp...

by soaking  in the Divine Nectar

rained from Heavens of Holy Moon

 Holi – add Spirits to your soul

Let the Crepuscular rays of full Moon

light the souls with divine knowledge

Holi – a beautiful Holy Day in our everlasting  busy lives

Enjoy, Enthrill & Soak fully well in the silver dust of Holy Moon

Wish you all – a Happy Holi Day



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