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Awake the soul

English: In the Beginning


at the God

with a great confidence & faith

God too smiles with a great charm like a hand Mirror

Out of crystal clean Soul only , one can see the God in life

 Awake the soul carefully  & Avoid haphazard – zigzag ways of life 




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"Forgiveness 6" by Carlos Latuff.


not to touch

some feelings

Like swallowed sorrows 

Whirled thoughts never set any one free

Forgiveness alone keep every one Divine & Serene 





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Love & Faith

Faith, Hope and Love.

God is like a Mine

Treasure of Gold, Diamond & Coal etc.,

Extract the same with divine love & faith 

Degree of interaction decides the fate of disciple 

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God & Voter

Senior voter and voting boxes

Two of them

Have no desires of their own

but centre for all of our desires – God & Voter


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find & feel the God

Astronomer Copernicus, conversation with God.

Some times

God hear our prayers

We ignore to acknowledge 

But God smiles at us bless fully 

Some times

God ignore our prayers

But we express our anguish seriously

This time also God smiles at us bless fully for our childish nature

Some times

It lingered us 

Whether God appears only on failures & for uncertainty of events

Sages said that one can find & feel the God as a light when he is at deep darks


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a feeling of Love

Who is the God

Triumph of Faith over Idolatry, by Jean-Baptis...

Where is the God

Whether born in as an out come of

fears / faiths of life for psychological support

Our sages viewed the God as a blue sphere in a flame of fire

God is an experience , a faith , a bond and is like a feeling of Love


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endless Universe

Qs:- What is life

Inner region of the solar system. Dimensions o...

An:- Vitalism

Qs:- What is death

An:-  Absence of vitalism

Qs:- What is this vitalism 

An:-  Not defined clearly 

Qs:-  It is a burning question from ages 

An:-  Sages visioned this vitalism as a Soul 

An:- Scientists defined it as a living organism

Qs:- Where this vitalism/soul goes after death – is another Major Question

An:- Sages viewed the existence of solar system ,Heaven & Hell  as celestial bodies 

An:- Scientists not accepted the Heaven & Hell as they found nil in the solar system etc.,

Qs:- Whether the innovations are enough to discard the vision of Sages is another question

An:- Who knows as our scientist still searching this endless Universe as they found only few of them


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Silent prayers


Silent, Prayer

Silent, Prayer (Photo credit: 小猫王)


What can I do

Your thoughts

made me walk on the clouds

Your breeze

swept away all my prides & prejudice

Your sense

sailed the soul towards great tranquility

Your presence

found me absent in the words”I” & “Me” except You alone – in Silent prayers



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God means

 Name the God

Türkçe: Name of the God

as you vision him in your Soul

God – beyond our dreams as wind

God – beyond our feelings as fragrance

God – before our understanding disappears as fog

God – omnipotent & omnipresent hold him in your breathe 

No religion, No cast, No race & No age barred anyone from having the God

God means nothing but the Life – irrespective of our acknowledgements & Understandings



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ultimate Goal

Who is God ?


God feeds the Soul.

So God is nothing but a Food of Soul.

That’s why the elders already said that Food is God .

Whether God is only one or several ?

No doubt about it.

God is only one


As we are consuming our food in different names & colours

we are praying our God in different names & figures as said in our culture and in our society respectively.

But the main purpose of the Food is to feed the Body & that of God is too feed the Soul.

Why to search for God ?

Like Food – God is in Universe 

He created all these things including us and our food.


The full meal of one , does not satisfy the other’s stomach. 

Every one has to get the Food by search and has to feed his mouth.

The same principle apply in search of God also .

Every one has to get the God by search and has to feed his soul .

Else starvation  leads to miseries of life  – God is the ultimate Goal.

( an attempt to know -what is the life )                             ……………………..Advocatemmmohan.


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