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Leave the Apathy

Tropical Depression One-C

Life is not a drama

between birth & death

nor a dew to disappear with in seconds

Life is a flow of river – Jeeva nadhi – an eternal one

It never stops by your birth or by your death alone

it continues to generate from Generations to Generations

Leave the Apathy over life & avoid plunging of life in whirled cyclones




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Yet, Let the rose

Fate laughs

English: Screeny of my baby: Moon Priestess Mave

beside me and rocketed towards Sky

 Depression deplores

inside me and kept in the hallows of Night 

All the walk along with Dark wood , yet not viewed rays of Hope

Waiting at least for Moony rays in new-moon day was a big ironical  in Life

Tombs never speaks ,  yet, let the rose to raise it’s head from the manures of Tomb

( dedicated to hard sufferers  )

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magic out lets

greedy seagull

greedy seagull (Photo credit: noe**)

for coming out

of depression

arose from

the death  of dears,


creates disputes

among the dependents

all the mournings evaporated like morning dews



the magic 

out lets of

human relationships 

blessings in disguise


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