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don’t displease

English: 9th Day Kurukshetra War Painting form...


To please Duryodhana

Dhrutharashtra displeased Pandavas

Ultimately marched towards great Kurukshetra War

Pleasing important persons – not the offence nor sin

Whether it is in official works or in family relationships

But don’t displease others to please any one – heinous one

No holy scripts said to displease other for the sake of another


( learn lessons of life from Holy scripts )


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English: Arjuna statue at an intersection just...

All falls

in Padmavyuham

an illusionary zone in life

where all thoughts lull the ego as correct

Once caught in whirled pool  – No one comes out

Who knows the exit of  Padmavyuham like Arjuna only lead the life

( learn the lessons of life from Mahabharata )


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