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No hasty conclusions

Jog Falls, Karnataka, in dry season.

One word

One expression

Casual chit chats

never fix the character 

all feelings

all opinions

all outlooks of life

constantly flows out like a river with new currents

Life is a jog fall always fall in thoughts, feelings, dreams, expressions

No hasty conclusions in closely knitted bonds -else results in Miseries & in Securities



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dreams conceived

English: Dreams Deutsch: Träume Italiano: Sogni

When wrapped

in  the warm thoughts of you

No time come across

between us breaking the Golden Silence 

I can wait like a canvas paint till my dreams conceived


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No defeat

A Wayfarer

English: Paganini on his death bed. - Watercolor

have to travel till last Breath

thereafter  permanent abode is the Outskirt

Ages of dreams of Tides to conquer the Earth proved futile

Eras of desires of a Man to defeat the Death resulted in vain


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When any guy says – you are in my dream

Breathless (The Eyes of a Traitor album)

Breathless (The Eyes of a Traitor album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t Trust him

As he is going to leave you always in dreams

When any guy says – you are my bounty

Don’t Relay on him

As he is certainly going to loot you from the begin of your trust

When any guy says – you are my breath

Don’t Believe him

As he is going to make you breathless at any time

Oh dear

You are going to be a hunted deer

[Dedicated to innocent girls ]


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