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Vibrations of life

Negative energies

English: Basic overview of energy and human li...

emerges out of Bad thoughts & deeds

Positive energies

sprouts out of Good thoughts & works

Good habits neutralize the negative energies

Close the windows always for negative breezes

Open your self for all positive energies for overall development

Vibrations of life should be always kept in vigilance to avoid crashes in life


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beyond the Religion

God & Religion

English: Chakra picture produced by AuraStar20...

Not one & the same

God knows no Religion

Religion sustains only on God

To see the God

One has to travel beyond the Religion




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Burning Coal public domain photo

flared by Ego


Burning Coal

apart from self burning

it burns everything accompanied


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Way of Life

shuddered Tree

Stream Lines

Stream Lines (Photo credit: r-z)

buds fresh Leaves

Every change is for Good

Flooded river

overhauled it’s Stream Line

just for purification of Water

Today’s worries only for tomorrows’s joys

Learn the lesson – “Way of Life” from Mother Nature                    

 ( instead of destroying )

[ dedicated to protectors of Nature ]



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passing cloud

To day here


CLOUDS OVER OKINAWA (Photo credit: Okinawa Soba)

Tomorrow not known

No memories of Yesterday

Like a passing Clouds

I have no abode of my own

Like a waving Wind

all places are of my Forts

I belongs to all 

but no one is  mine 

Like Vapor dews

as soon as I come , I dispurse in to the sky

In a blink of Life

nothing fasten me with any bonds

I am a passing Cloud…………………no one is  mine 


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Let me live

Fire whirl (FWS)

Fire whirl (FWS) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in your thoughts afresh

ages have gone in to the past

relationships evaporated in the air

except in your thoughts no space to live

wandering whirl wind have no abode to go

No force separates me from your thoughts for ever

No fire burns me out from your thoughts at any cost

Do you know who am I ?

I am your shadow, your mirror , your voice, your friend and I am your PAST




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plastic smiles

no wind

cool her burns

English: A blue plastic dart Español: Dardo de...

English: A blue plastic dart Español: Dardo de plástico, con punta de acero Français : Fléchette de plastique bleu à pointe d’acier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

no water

satisfy her thrust

cracked wounds

caused under the dark

disappears under the cover

of glitters of plastic smiles 

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life means wrist watch ?

heavy lives

English: The watch on the left has a mechanica...

English: The watch on the left has a mechanical movement that ticks 6 times a second, while the quartz watch on the right moves the seconds hand once a second. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


never moves further


finally perished  like a stagnated water


life means movement but not like our wrist watch

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mood outs

mood outs


Mood-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

one must move out of him instantly

before it move out him from public life

switch off always mood outs for healthy life

some times the repulsions are more than electric shocks

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