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existence of God


don’t know

whether you heard or not

always offers prayers for you 

don’t know

whether you save or not

always serve you as if you are the father

don’t know

whether you are or not

But know that it gives great strength to mind & body

you are not visible like Electronic Signals except tuned to you

Failure to receive positive signals from the God is not his fault

As such it is not justifiable to any one to deny the existence of God 

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underscore game


Monument to Victims of Fascism, Rivne, Ukraine

We admit

No scores will be settled at Fascism 

Our Leaders accept

No war brings any kind of Peace & Prosperity

Our Religious Heads too confess

No God assent for the massacres of innocents

Every one knows every thing………………………………

Still ….taking the advantage of Dumbness /Calmness

In the name of (Nation) People& In the name of (Religion)God

Every one is playing underscore game for their existence at the cost of innocents

                                                                                                                                    – advocatemmmohan


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Silent prayers


Silent, Prayer

Silent, Prayer (Photo credit: 小猫王)


What can I do

Your thoughts

made me walk on the clouds

Your breeze

swept away all my prides & prejudice

Your sense

sailed the soul towards great tranquility

Your presence

found me absent in the words”I” & “Me” except You alone – in Silent prayers



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God means

 Name the God

Türkçe: Name of the God

as you vision him in your Soul

God – beyond our dreams as wind

God – beyond our feelings as fragrance

God – before our understanding disappears as fog

God – omnipotent & omnipresent hold him in your breathe 

No religion, No cast, No race & No age barred anyone from having the God

God means nothing but the Life – irrespective of our acknowledgements & Understandings



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Mirror & God

Mirror says no word

The Empty Mirror

When you are before Mirror

You automatically correct your make ups

God says no word

When you are before God

Your soul beg for pardons & blessings


The tranquility of Mirror for body and

The great divine serenity of God for soul

shows what you are and saliently advise you to correct them secretly

Every one knows his own mistakes but ego requires confirmations & acceptances secretly

( Human psychology – a peculiar one )                                                                          …………advocatemmmohan


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beyond the Religion

God & Religion

English: Chakra picture produced by AuraStar20...

Not one & the same

God knows no Religion

Religion sustains only on God

To see the God

One has to travel beyond the Religion




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egoistic idiotism

As Lamp fails 

Old lamp

to remove it’s somber under it

A Guru too never

eliminate his dark sophomoric egos in him

Despite of  fact of scintillating  rays of knowledge around

Luminous star like God only remove all these egoistic idiotism 

Surrender before God for being an eternal translucent lamp to glorify the lives


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Please excuse us


Photo No. AC86-0720-2 – Taken from Kuiper Airb...

Photo No. AC86-0720-2 – Taken from Kuiper Airborne Observatory, C141 aircraft April 8/9, 1986, New Zealand Expedition, Halley’s Comet crossing Milky Way. Disconnection of ion tail. Photo taken with equipment designed, mounted on the headring and operated by the Charleston (South Carolina) County School District CAN DO Project. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

before the God

Words are easy to spell

Great problematic in following 

Tender thoughts believes whatever elders said

Younger thoughts question the very existence of God

Middle thoughts always fall in doubts like a doubting Thamos

Fag ends always wept for reasoning of their past misdeeds done in age

No time, virtually there is no time for preoccupied minds to think at least about your Name

Please excuse us.


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