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Green Tea


Japanese green tea in a modern senchawan bowl.

greets with jiggling rain 

Sunny rain displayed a beautiful rainbow

While turning  page after a page of Daily paper

Time slipped smoothly like silky hairs of my love from finger gaps

Lips not noticed emptied cup of green tea drew no single drop to it’s lust

How beautifully the Morning said  “Very Very Very Good Morning


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Don’t be – like Asteriod

Never touch

Honey Bees with beekeepers

Honey Bees with beekeepers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the Dreams

Slept in deep

beyond the Virtuals

Besets like disturbed Honey Bees 

For handy Honey – Results , get the Net – Marks  

 Always be on Gravity line – Don’t be like an Asteroid



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a man 

Description: Coffee cortado (An latte art exam...


his women 

to melt like a sugar in the black coffee


the wife

strongly desires

to be like a milk – blended coffee with Gracious looks & aroma

CUP & LIP define the life beautifully with a new out look in modern ways


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open mind

life is not a dry cheese to lie  in serenity

Fire whirl

Fire whirl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

even the dumb stone has got sparks

but it is we always not dare to welcome the changes


life is not  a dry leaf to sway in the whirl wind

even the little gross has got  strong stance

but it is we always swayed away with our moods


all natural disasters never destroyed the open sky

all calamities of life never touched  the open mind


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all are equal

let us fly high like a bird

Equal Scary People

Equal Scary People (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

without any fears

let us swim deep like a dolphin

without any inhibitions

let the eyes kindle in the rays of morning sun

let the lips soak in the depth of honey basin 

express always in sweet words, kind looks

bars all kinds of bridge gaps for ever

every life is precious pearl like dew

displaces different angles like rain bow colors

signifies  all are equal

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