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at coffin too

English: Taj Mahal - December 2008

Thirst for love

Everlasting one

Wine failed to lull the mind

Fragrance too failed to inspire the body

Before the burning soul , no cool breezes worked out

Showers of rain or the blissful moony nights blessed nothing

Except beautiful amorous looks ,crescent smiles & sweet aromas

Where could he find his love beyond the horizons of this endless Universe

Search of  Wayfarer in his deserted life for eternal love never ends at coffin too 




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God means

 Name the God

Türkçe: Name of the God

as you vision him in your Soul

God – beyond our dreams as wind

God – beyond our feelings as fragrance

God – before our understanding disappears as fog

God – omnipotent & omnipresent hold him in your breathe 

No religion, No cast, No race & No age barred anyone from having the God

God means nothing but the Life – irrespective of our acknowledgements & Understandings



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Happy Day

Good Morning 


 bells brought spiritual blessings

Eastern Golden rays 

scintillated Divine knowledge

Earthen Rainbow stars

sprinkled virgin fragrance 

Saturday awaken the souls from all sobers

No more requires to start afresh a Happy Day

Have a Happy Day………………………………………………


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fragrance of the life

line of thoughts

My Philosophy Bookshelf(bottom)

My Philosophy Bookshelf(bottom) (Photo credit: jddunn)


reveals the mind of the person


allow the air of thoughts always pass through the floral garden like


every thought then carries along with it a beautiful good fragrance of the life

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saves the beauty

the husband and wife in the family

I'm Sorry I'm Leaving

I’m Sorry I’m Leaving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




honey and fragrance hidden in the flower


careful protections  only


saves the beauty through out it’s life

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windows of Mind

wide opened windows

English: Her thoughts began to work in her mind

English: Her thoughts began to work in her mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

towards floral garden 

fetches beautiful fragrance of life

towards heinous corners

brings worst frightened vampire’s death 

habits cultivate the thoughts

thoughts describe the personality

all depends upon the using of  windows of Mind

always mind about the windows of mind


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Breeze like life



Breeze (Photo credit: Aziez Ahmed)

for desired hearts 

brings Good mornings

for depressed persons

greets with bad mournings


is inevitable one in every walks of life


Breeze like life

smells fragrance in floral garden 

smells foul in debris slum zones

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is it justifiable to you ?

every morning with tender rays

Scented Gardens for the Blind

Scented Gardens for the Blind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

i am greeting you with good morning

but it is you always hiding yourself

under the bedsheet

with out awakening

every minute with my wind brushes

drawing wonderful paintings on the sky canvas

for your eye feast 

but it is you always ducking your head in the computer

with out viewing

every day with my charming smiles 

blossoming beautiful scented flowers

every where for your pleasantness

but it is you always accustomed to chemical alcoholic scents 

with out sensing me

every second i call you to live with me naturally in my nature

but it is you always inhabited to live in an artificial atmosphere of yourself

with out caring me

at the end you are always blaming me for your wrongs

is it justifiable to you ?

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