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World of Mother for 10 years

Friendship love and truth

Friendship love and truth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World of Friends for 20 years

World of Love for 20 years

World of Duty for 20 years

World of Deity till rest

World of Rest at end

Next to the mother

before the love, friend occupies heart

Friendship is an essential part of life

Friendship makes you learn how to care, how to love and how to live

Every one is indebted to a good friend – an unforgettable part of  blissful life



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Be ware of Child abuser

Leave me alone, dirty cuckold Português: Deixa...

Leave me alone, dirty cuckold Português: Deixa-me em paz, corno tarado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dear sweet baby

Don’t  be afraid of Dark

My dear little cute

Don’t  be frighten of Demons

Neither  the wild animals

Nor the nocturnal birds 

Or the lizards and serpents 

hurts you or kills you no more

as those are telltales of innocent mothers

Human Masked Wild Alien Bodies 

surrounded you in the shape of

Teachers, Uncles, Friends, Guards, Drivers, Priests

Be ware of  Child abuser – dirty Mad Dogs

not allow them to outrage your modesty at any time

nor allow them to kill you mentally and physically any more 

You are a divine flower , you have a right to cherish beautifully like a little Rose


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Balance Scale

all relationships are acquired one by birth

Español: Intercambio de anillos entre los novios

Español: Intercambio de anillos entre los novios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

friends and spouses relationships are required one by necessity

relationship of spouses is a paramount one among all

by this, all remains as supporting characters 


since it is raised on requisitions

certainly demands some comforts

certainly ruled by some norms

violations are considered as serious


wife is the replica of denomination

husband is the other side figure of the coin

by nature she is secure

whereas he is  careless

any amount of violation is countable to her


prior to marriage bride is a caged bird

after marriage bride groom entered into that cage

caged bird means secured one 

any amount of disaffection is accountable to both


after all what both requires is love and affection

like a caged birds  but ego not permits to accept it

ego throws the burden on others

creates chaos between the couples

enter of the  ego is to be avoided for beautiful life


wife and husband always remains like a balance scale

even though they are tightly secured like bonds of children

every imbalance is accountable to them 

so it should be cared like a caged bird

any serious violations leads to cage with out bird


both have to consider the way of living together

have to cultivate  the life Farmhouse  carefully


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