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FULL MOON DAYS – a Blissful life


Full moon

How blissful you are

All memories charged alive

Sparked the sweet thoughts of love

All promises & dreams nestled a beautiful home

No black days deterred us as you gifted crescent smiles

No phobias as every life blessed with FULL MOON DAYS – a Blissful life





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Beauty of Soul


the beauty lies

I asked the God

He placed before me a fresh Rose

Louis Janmot, Poème de l'âme (1) : Génération ...

I found  wrinkled petals over all  it’s body

He showed a panorama of sun set in ocean

I noticed flared up flames whirling over all the sky

then he directed the full moon to raise from blue seas

In the Moon also I found so many ugly black spots on his face

Vexed God asked me to show the beauty

Then I showed my fully bloomed soul soaked in divine love

Before the beauty of Soul, God too himself surrendered like a child


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Peacock eye


English: Peacock feather

winds of my Garden

whispered something

on the rosy ear petals of my love

Bright smiles rock’n’roll smartly on her honey lips

Her twinkled fishy black eyes flashed lightening calls

Aurora lights of love soaked my heart with full of joyous

Peacock eyed soul soared high in the aura of full moon skies


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Faded Flowers


Summer fading

Summer fading (Photo credit: A writer afoot)

veiled it’s muslin

Sparkling fire flies

Roaming the Red light lane

Unveiled bodies furled in fright

Peeping Stars passed away routinely 

Faded Flowers have no Full Moon Day in their lives

( dedicated to trafficking  women victims )

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aroma & aurora

When moon comes

Aurora at Jupiter's north pole as seen in ultr...

Floral Angels blooms the Gardens

but Nocturnal omen mourn in death yards 

Awakening of a soul means crystal vision of a Full moon after eclipse

When soul awakens 

It widens the views of a person

It ignites the inner looks of a person

It acknowledges the calibers of a person

With a charisma looks, an awaken person hailed with love, joy, sweet aroma & aurora 



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Red Moon

Feeling lone

Moon Eclipse with Saturn and Regulus

Moon Eclipse with Saturn and Regulus (Photo credit: lokidude99)

like a solo Moon of the Sky

 All are  far away 

like blinking stars of the Night

Visits of cool passing clouds now and then

Never give any relief to the sighs of hot glory life

Red Moon pains never comes to an halt at any time

unless dipped in to the holy deep blue ocean’s love




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Original caption from NASA: "S103-E-5037 ...

Original caption from NASA: “S103-E-5037 (21 December 1999)— Astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery recorded this rarely seen phenomenon of the full Moon partially obscured by the atmosphere of Earth. The image was recorded with an electronic still camera at 15:15:15 GMT, Dec. 21, 1999.”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some are Golden Chests

Some are Hidden Volcanos

No body scaled down the depths of Earth

Always scintillate cool smiles like a Moon


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new out look

always soak in the morning gold rush rain of the raising sun

English: Soak Dike Looking west from Skeffling...

English: Soak Dike Looking west from Skeffling Clough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


always sleep under the shower of sliver dust of the shining full moon


always refresh like a rained clouds so as to bring water again from  the oceans


seasons after the seasons the nature itself is getting fresh for new out look 


why do not we ………

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all rights of freedom

along with the red eye line dropping


Lotus (Photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG)


the shied beauty also furled slowly in to it


to unfurl the bud  of the beauty like Lotus


one must wait for the raising of the Full Moon


others are all artificials


all rights of freedom unfurls only in cool and peace zones 


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the moon walks in the dark nights

Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Moon, Venus and Jupiter (Photo credit: harshanm)

accompanied by  millions of twinkle stars

as she is queen of the night

every one looks with appreciations


the sun from the morning to evening 

marches alone with out any associates

his labors pay no respects except in the sets


always  the bread winners have little concern than  the feeders

like our mothers  gain good votes than the father

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