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you are an Unique

Emotions show

I can not say

you are not – what you appear

I can not say

You are other than – that hides in you

What hides in you except bunch of feelings

When life means bunch of feelings & emotions

I can say factually whether you are alive or dead 

How can I say you are other than what you appear

Except you there is no other – you are an Unique in this Universe


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You are not your shadow

Shadow Man

but the shadow may be yours

 any how don’t be  in a shadow

a symbol of  deep Pathos of life


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Wish & Will

What will be the next !

English: Chess master Bill Hook, British Virgi...

Can be predicted to some extent ?

Circumstances provide Clues

What requires is the only Analysis 

Keen observations of each step like a Chess Master

Discloses the way of your life where it goes & where it ends

Every thing lies in your hands, Groom your life well as per your Wish & Will


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winning the heart of enemy

siding out saliently is the art of Grass 

English: Starting position of a chess game. Ho...

English: Starting position of a chess game. House of Staunton Collector set. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when the climate is adverse 

waiting in stale watch is the art of lion

when alarming situations are arose

giants also jerks for a while for relief

stepping back for a big leap is a great strategy

after all  life may be a game of chess  

 but check-met  itself is not the answer to the life

winning the hearts of the enemies is the only solution

wait for change 

hope for better

thoughts flower every day

life is a evergreen park

never ends with a single step

never stops with single thought

play the game playfully 

till rest in deep sleep

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