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Bodhi tree

Paintings of Life of Gautama Buddha in Asalha Puja

Your thoughts

rained from the sky

Seedlings of your desire

raised heads from the earthy depths

Your dreams took the breathes of hopes

Let your personality incarn as a Great Bodhi tree 

Scintillating divine knowledge of love & peace to this world



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Raise from wooziness

I saw

Lord Buddha in Sri Lanka - Kalutara

a Great Saint in your thoughts

I felt

a Mother Theresa in your services

I witnessed

a Lord Buddha in your nature love

I found

a Divine Workaholic in your deeds and works

In fact you are a heir of our great elders & heritages in this world

Except you no other would explore this world – Come on raise from wooziness


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Wish you all a happy Gandhi Jayanthi

English: Gandhi during the Salt March, March 1...

My land was echoed

with the voice of Lord Buddha

My people soaked in the speeches of Vivekananda

My nation marched behind the Mahatma Gandhi for freedom

The departed souls left their spirits – still blazing like an ember of volcano 

This ember is enough to kindle the divine light in half dizzy hearts of our citizens

Let us march on this Gandhi Jayanthi for free India from corruption, dirty politics & anarchy  

Wish you all a happy Gandhi Jayanthi  


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No Pain

English: Illustration of the pain pathway in R...

Why this pain

only in humanbeings

Why this pain

not appears in others

as the pain is part of their life

If every one digest this hard fact

No pain pinch the heart of any one

Love the nature it will teach everything

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Family Bonds

one kind look

Paintings of Life of Gautama Buddha in Asalha Puja

you need not be like Mother Teresa

one good word

Not necessary to be like  Buddha

one crescent smile

No need to smile like that of Gandhi

fills the space with great joy

Heart jumps one pace forward

all gaps bridges with great bonds

Lack of expressions lead the life to miserable shores

Family bonds are more valuable than your vehicle maintenance

Think thrice what you are loosing in the family , later you never repeat the same

( dedicated to the families making their lives miserable )


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