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Great fall

English: Image of comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake),...

Born to climb

Hold the perfect ladder 

Never scale the slippery one

Never think of sneaky while climbing

It means loosing all victories for a Great fall



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Lord Garuda

Belur Garuda

Great Eagle

Let us have

your Bird View

to survey our inner faults

Let us have your Wings power

to stand stable in the middle of problems

Tharyaksh Arishta Nemihi = Lord Garuda protect us from all Evils

( inspired from  posted by our Senior blogger)


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Raise from wooziness

I saw

Lord Buddha in Sri Lanka - Kalutara

a Great Saint in your thoughts

I felt

a Mother Theresa in your services

I witnessed

a Lord Buddha in your nature love

I found

a Divine Workaholic in your deeds and works

In fact you are a heir of our great elders & heritages in this world

Except you no other would explore this world – Come on raise from wooziness


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Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, , , .


ask the moon

about the desolation

as stars laughed loudly

Don’t touch 

the Sun at any time

as it dipped in love sea at both sets

Leave the River

to it’s destination

as it never live with out embracing the Great Ocean

Don’t believe

the Deep Valleys & Hills

as rocky echoes only your pains without having any feelings

Yes …………

You ask the Radha

You can quiz the Gopika

They knew the real pain of desolation 

after Lord Sri Krishna left the Brundavanam 

The thrive for Divine is the real desolation – rest are all lusts only


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Great silence

English: In location...moon... Polski: w Plene...

Why do

you hide

silently behind the clouds 

and as to why

on next thought

you bloomed queenly  

winkled out the fragrance of aura archly

behind the silky knitted veils of silver dust

your eternal love always quiz the minds of lovers

Great silence always shares silver screens of life serenely 


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a feeling of Love

Who is the God

Triumph of Faith over Idolatry, by Jean-Baptis...

Where is the God

Whether born in as an out come of

fears / faiths of life for psychological support

Our sages viewed the God as a blue sphere in a flame of fire

God is an experience , a faith , a bond and is like a feeling of Love


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Love your Nation

One Nation Under

Love the Nation

dispite of it’s disadvantages

Else  No one is fit  to be it’s citizen 



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M. Padmanabhacharlu – Great Father

Passing Night 

Relieved the life from Great Journey of 85 years 

My Father’s soul rest in Great Peace with out bedridden

Life slipped smoothly like an exhale breeze from the lungs

Great Personality stands for his words and Deeds – Great Father 

My father left behind him adorable Works & adoptable Life Style

  • Work till last breathe ;
  • Never be burden for yourself ;
  • Save your health & life with clean habits ;
  • Extend your Love & Affection  to the needy with out expectations ;

His life time Achievement as Organizing Secretary  – “Sri Shivaji Spurthy Kendram ” Srisailam

God is great  ” may his Soul rest in GREAT PEACE “

                                                                                                                               With regards




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Vande Mataram

Vande Mataram

Nehru and Gandhi at the opening of the Indian ...

a great divine Mantra

marched  the Great India towards shores of Freedom

Vande Mataram

a holy call of Bharatamatha

drove the citizens towards crucifixions to Free the India

Vande Mataram

a scared spring of India soil

quench the thirst of great warriors at last breath in Freedom Fight

Vande Mataram

a thunder power blow of Gaint Indian Fist

a  blissful lightning song of Saint Ravindranath Tagore & Bankim ji

Freedom like Breath is a Right of a Birth – in absence there is no life at all

Let the Freedom may cherish every where in Our World blooming the Humanity

Wish you all a Happy Independence day – India – My Great Divine Country


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Beauty & Honest

Life is very beautiful & honest 

John Singer Sargent - Venetian Glass Workers

How sweet it is to live on hard labour/work

Great beauty lies while the rays of sun shines on the sweats

Every one in the world always doing something to their livelihood honestly

Really they are the Great soldiers of the society because of them still the earth survives



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