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Grand Pa

Study of an old man

No love pats

No live talks

Orphan among all

Cross Roads

Cross it with a great courage

No sharing soul

No soothing voice

No contemporary doves except in memories

Between the life & death

Between the love & despair

You are at the Cross Roads

Cross it with great courage – my old  grand Pa..


( dedicated to old age home people )


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resignation of life

English: Depiction of a soul being carried to ...

Grave Yard

Abode of elders

where tranquility prevails

A serene place of great souls 

Grave Yard

A beautiful spot

where one tombs for rest

an awesome cleavage womb of earth

why to shirk to look at this beautiful scenic view

Can not see later this great embossed signature on resignation of life




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English: Picture of painting "Agitation&q...

must be

like a speed breaker

but not as a law breaker

Under the guise of strikes & dharnas

Out-breaking the law & order – always condemnable 

Where Agitation adopt the fecundity rather than ravage

that country’s flag always fly high in the sky with great dignity & decency

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Wish you all a happy Gandhi Jayanthi

English: Gandhi during the Salt March, March 1...

My land was echoed

with the voice of Lord Buddha

My people soaked in the speeches of Vivekananda

My nation marched behind the Mahatma Gandhi for freedom

The departed souls left their spirits – still blazing like an ember of volcano 

This ember is enough to kindle the divine light in half dizzy hearts of our citizens

Let us march on this Gandhi Jayanthi for free India from corruption, dirty politics & anarchy  

Wish you all a happy Gandhi Jayanthi  


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Peace for one day

The World Peace monument in a pond next to a s...


get it in your mind for one day

as preached by Lord Buddha

Pray for Peace for one day

in thoughts and deeds as told by Mahatma Gandhi

Voice for Peace for one day

in oneness firmly as echoed by Motrin Luther King

Work for Peace for one day

in our relationships and deals as did by Mother Teresa 

Fight for Peace for one day

for freedom and against oppression as did by Nelson Mandela 

Peace for one day ,day to day and for every day prevails as said by Jan Eliasson


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no one is called by


Marco Ricci - Southern Landscape at Twilight -...

at Horizons

Morning twilight

displays new meaningful shades

Greater over shadows greet merrily

Sun raises in to a new world of Freedom & Love

Where no one is called by Caste, Race, Religion & Status etc.,

                                                                                                       – advocatemmmohan

( dedicated to  Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and  Martin Luther king )


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Wish you all a Happy Raksha Bandhan


English: In 450 B.C (2450 years ago) Alexander...

A scared thread

creates brotherly bond

Roxana sent a Scared Thread to Porus

asked him not to kill her husband Alexander the Great in a war

Giving value to Raksha Bandhan Porus ward off himself from delivering fatal blow

After all it is a thread  – but sentiments attached  were beyond the reach of rational world

Life is full of sentiments & intimates not easy to brush out as a robotic man or a rock man

Wish you all a Happy Raksha Bandhan  – let us create a new brotherly world free from all fears


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Family Bonds

one kind look

Paintings of Life of Gautama Buddha in Asalha Puja

you need not be like Mother Teresa

one good word

Not necessary to be like  Buddha

one crescent smile

No need to smile like that of Gandhi

fills the space with great joy

Heart jumps one pace forward

all gaps bridges with great bonds

Lack of expressions lead the life to miserable shores

Family bonds are more valuable than your vehicle maintenance

Think thrice what you are loosing in the family , later you never repeat the same

( dedicated to the families making their lives miserable )


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Angel of the Death

there is

so much pain

already in the world

why your’s too like adding salt 

Get pearls of smiles from the sore tears

Cook a beautiful life dish from all perils of life

Being an Angel, a women can bring a welcome Home


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rays of arrows

the Lord of ocean, pacifying Sri Rama, angered...



in our oceanic life

Our lives ride on the mares of desires of tides

Our courtships always sail on cradles of waves

Whirl pooled souls of lust never heed the words of Deity

Pardon us – don’t dry us as arid with your parching rays of arrows


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