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Love & Faith

Faith, Hope and Love.

God is like a Mine

Treasure of Gold, Diamond & Coal etc.,

Extract the same with divine love & faith 

Degree of interaction decides the fate of disciple 

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find & feel the God

Astronomer Copernicus, conversation with God.

Some times

God hear our prayers

We ignore to acknowledge 

But God smiles at us bless fully 

Some times

God ignore our prayers

But we express our anguish seriously

This time also God smiles at us bless fully for our childish nature

Some times

It lingered us 

Whether God appears only on failures & for uncertainty of events

Sages said that one can find & feel the God as a light when he is at deep darks


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a feeling of Love

Who is the God

Triumph of Faith over Idolatry, by Jean-Baptis...

Where is the God

Whether born in as an out come of

fears / faiths of life for psychological support

Our sages viewed the God as a blue sphere in a flame of fire

God is an experience , a faith , a bond and is like a feeling of Love


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Still not clear

Who are you

Studies for God, Angels

What is there in you

Why every one run after you

bow their heads & knelt down before you 

from the Angels to little Insects

from holy Sages to ugly drunken Men

You never speaks nor whispers to any one

Still you are more than personal one like God ,Guru, Friend and Foe etc.,

One day or the other day every one stands with folding hands secretly or publicly

Still you are not clear to any one from Laureates to huskers  , from Sages to Scientists



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Mirror & God

Mirror says no word

The Empty Mirror

When you are before Mirror

You automatically correct your make ups

God says no word

When you are before God

Your soul beg for pardons & blessings


The tranquility of Mirror for body and

The great divine serenity of God for soul

shows what you are and saliently advise you to correct them secretly

Every one knows his own mistakes but ego requires confirmations & acceptances secretly

( Human psychology – a peculiar one )                                                                          …………advocatemmmohan


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God – Man

English: Bharata Asks for Rama's Footwear

I too born like you

I too get married like you

I too have undergone the process of different stages of life

I too faced number of problems more than your human beings

 At no time I proclaimed my self as God of having miracle powers with me

My Divine thoughts & Divine deeds arched me as a God, but you remained as human being


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Divine Knowledge

My Lord

Sun rays falling upon the murti of Lord Badri ...

Sun rays falling upon the murti of Lord Badri Narayanan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your memories bewitched me

Once seized in your thoughts in depths

No fear dare to dive in to the pond of my heart pool 

all envies  have disappeared like a shadows of a Night before the rays of morning Serenity 

Oh Lord

Let me embrace your Lotus feet

Once rested my head on your Glorified Lotus feet

all mirages , illusions of bonds have woofed away like front- locks before the Crepuscular rays of Divine Knowledge



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against whom


He Heals the Lame

He Heals the Lame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

against whom

No one care for it

No God caught hold of your hand to lead the life

 Plam tree itself knit it’s trunk with it’s decayed hanging leaf

Wild life heals it’s great wounds by licking  the same regularly 

When they have got such a strong , beautiful desire of survival

Why  you alone take to your heels for the pathos of your life

Illusions, imaginations, inhibitions are alone not life

Learn the lessons from the every corners of the life  – Life is to live but not to leave


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poor souls


English: Rohrbach parish church. Altar of All ...

English: Rohrbach parish church. Altar of All souls ( 1700 ) – Altar painting: Poor souls in the purgatory. Deutsch: Stadtpfarrkirche Rohrbach. Aller-Seelen-Altar ( 1700 ) – Altargemälde: Arme Seelen im Fegefeuer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Makes no difference



Draws no boundaries



Brings only tears

Blurred vision sees nothing special

Every thing is common for poor souls


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Icon of love and peace

English: USSR stamp, Mahatma Gandhi, 1969, 6 k...

English: USSR stamp, Mahatma Gandhi, 1969, 6 k. Русский: Марка СССР, Махатма Ганди, 1969, 6 коп. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mahatma Gandhi  birth day

Man of Mighty Himalaya

Icon of peace, love, and friendship

no weapon, except silence , fasting

no Armour, except a peace of cloth

an idol of Goutham Buddha, Lord Jesus

great follower of Lord Sree Rama 

wonderful disciple of  Bhagwad Geeta

no need to wage a war

no need to keep silence

no need to fasting

let us at least follow

his message of friendship

in memory of his Birth Day

friendship cherish the world with all happies


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