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Against the nature

English: Butterfly in Kakkavayal മലയാളം: കാക്ക...



flying  where …..

fluttering your tinny wings


from flower to flower

though quenched your thirst….

Still flying here & there in search of Whom ?

Pair is the part of Nature – with out Pair there is no Life

Against the nature – No life sustains in great peace & serenity 



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how can I bear

Much painful

English: Image of comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake),...

English: Image of comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake), taken on 1996 March 25, with a 225mm f/2.0 Schmidt Camera (focal length 450mm) on Kodak Panther 400 color slide film. Exposure 0:56 to 1:06 UT (10 minutes). The field shown is about 6.5°x4.8°. Note the prominent disconnection event in the comet’s ion tail. Stars in the image appear trailed, as the camera tracked the comet during the exposure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If a flower bit the heart like a spike

Great deceit

if a honey cup turned as vicious golden cask

More Agony

if a beautiful violin played only funeral ceremony tunes 

Despite of it 

all can be bearable 


how can I bear

if you deceit me leaving my faith to the commets

[ dedicated to mourning young widows who lost their husbands suddenly ]



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Don’t be – like Asteriod

Never touch

Honey Bees with beekeepers

Honey Bees with beekeepers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the Dreams

Slept in deep

beyond the Virtuals

Besets like disturbed Honey Bees 

For handy Honey – Results , get the Net – Marks  

 Always be on Gravity line – Don’t be like an Asteroid



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Oxygenated grace

Hey, God…..


Lotus (Photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG)

I am not a honey bee

for living with out embracing your Lotus feet

nor am I, a plastic flower

to live with out your Sense of fragrance

Like a breeze , I too rolled in all filthiness of life

But purify me in your Oxygenated grace , till then I would not leave your Golden feet


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Nature & love

two different feelings

English: Comet 17P/Holmes and Geminid meteor f...

at one time not new to the life

both Dawn and Dusk are the best example

Sunny rain day is the beautiful example

one can see the colorful rain bow  in between finally

every mixture  of feelings results in to eye feast  to the life at last

Red eyes angery on one side, Honey soaked sweet smiles on other side

Displays the heart of  love , how deep she fell in love with you up to her throat

Feared one never enjoyed the life as all the beautiful things(Nature & love) born to behave like this 


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rain for a while

Passing Clouds

Little Honey

Little Honey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

brought Memories alive

Oh  Cloudy sky

Pour some Honey dews

on this thirsty soul for a while

Dry Lips cracked like a soil

Cool breezy showers

only greens the life/love again

Oh, passing clouds rain for a while



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saves the beauty

the husband and wife in the family

I'm Sorry I'm Leaving

I’m Sorry I’m Leaving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




honey and fragrance hidden in the flower


careful protections  only


saves the beauty through out it’s life

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all are equal

let us fly high like a bird

Equal Scary People

Equal Scary People (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

without any fears

let us swim deep like a dolphin

without any inhibitions

let the eyes kindle in the rays of morning sun

let the lips soak in the depth of honey basin 

express always in sweet words, kind looks

bars all kinds of bridge gaps for ever

every life is precious pearl like dew

displaces different angles like rain bow colors

signifies  all are equal

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Optical illusions

like optical illusions

English: This is a picture of floor tiles in B...

English: This is a picture of floor tiles in Basilica of St. John Lateran, which create an optical illusion. The picture was taken by Tino Warinowski (User:Chino) in June 2006 and is hereby released to the public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

every problem co-exists with an answer

it takes time to identify each

in the mean while no worry ……………………

like desert’s mirages 

every desire appears to hand reach

it requires time to clear the visions

in the mean while no hurry……………………….

after getting the net only

you hit the honey domes

else only poisonous stings

no honey lips

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